Friday, June 23, 2017

A Prideful Child - by - Bob Atkinson

A Prideful Child

©2017 Bob Atkinson
Walking along on Congress
from parking box to Fox
a warm night of illusions
showed me comfort on a lark

to see old Gordon Lightfoot
in his glory of today
with strings of gentle feeling
as if in pride's parade

a soul passes by me
a younger kind of lass
not breathing hard just gliding
to her destiny she did pass

had leggings like those others
who thought nudism's all a rage
but this one's more conservative
neatness her best page

my thoughts left me amazed
how people could progress
with these two divergent cultures
finding togetherness in press

but thoughts of similar nature
found a brick wall there with my glance
for as we came upon a street
our harmonies there did pass
for a red light shown oh so brightly
"don't walk" there on display
but this beauty of gentle nature
kept her pace without delay

she strode as if was nothing
to violate this request
no vehicles from this side street
why stop, and for seconds rest?

wasn't that this ignorance
harmed but any soul
purely displayed lack of character
to our common goals

mine and many other people
there on that sidewalk's route
stopped and waited for this light
to tell them "go's" alright

you see pride lives in one's mind
not on one's tongue alone
character resides in one's heart
not on a chair-like throne

for pride alone made us pause
not in her mind that day
what you can get away with
was her mindset there displayed

right and wrong lies absolute
not only when one sees
no danger in quickly passing
against red light there on a street

most people feel honor
cannot be bought for seconds past
where doing right comes natural
watching another fight a distant past

where we all took care of each other
and children weren't afraid
although they never would
in front of adults mis-behave

for rebuke of bad behavior
would be firm and would be quick
but now that's not the way
people think, "that wasn't slick"

we see ourselves evolved from that
but really have not devised
a societal institution which
creates a prideful child

they walk through life without a nod
to simple right and wrong
only concerned about themselves
not seeing harmony in a throng

no pride for only pride's sake
no clear idea of ethic's hum
as their honor can be bought
with a few seconds gained beyond

beyond a simple concept
we'll never here agree
that's the only real difference
between her mind and me

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