Sunday, May 7, 2017

Learning and Eloquence - by - Bob Atkinson 2017

Learning and Eloquence
©Bob Atkinson 2017

seems expressive constitution
gladdens one who finds
learning an experience
to expand a simple mind

tracks through prior awareness
of scholars beyond our time
hastens depth of knowledge
into a wet and salty brine

a lake of prior study
giving meaning where life can
present a past collection
built up from simple hands

I don't see how we find this dull
don't fidget with delight
at those who see experience
edge out study through many nights

for knowledge carries weight of years
beyond our shortened time
claims we're greater than the whole
a quarter not a dime

but then not all of us
me included in this pack
can talk with elocution
when speaking to a group

so I must write my thoughts
here on paper made from trees
so you might find my experience
contains something for your needs

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