Friday, March 17, 2017

Shame and Dishonor - by - Bob Atkinson

Shame and Dishonor
(c)2017 Bob Atkinson

self image drives us on
what we think of ourselves
that description in our hearts
a code of honor we live upon

most see absolutes
as an objective to aspire
feel their wandering desires
detach them from normal lives

care not for propriety
one certain goal of life
an ancient institution
love for self, others, life

if norms carried focus
would find focus fuzzy
not finely tuned with society
but stumbling toward a muddy

a muddy trap of insecurity
never clean in dispensation
a shallow form of creation
not for a lifetime of salvation

of course in surface tension
would falsely justify
every action so minute
as to let distortions pass us by

some utilize techniques
make us bow and read their lines
to drive deeply into our minds
sub-conscious control to rectify

rectify a service not to God
but to their selfish whims
leaving us without a soul
truth buried by their sins

passes by as if so real
yet hidden from good truth
an open invitation
to continue on uncouth

let this stand a lesson
let this tell us how
to finely tune existence
forgetting lies of hollow ground

one needs not look outward for
a method to escape
poverty of soul
honor's an easy form of grace

without much solid evidence
real and lasting virtue
must always stand astride
taking softness to always nurture

nurture a benevolent tone
which carries toward good grace
never letting lack of soul
our aura disgrace

standing firm with nature's task
of building toward a future
where everybody finds a goal
which carries soul to institutions

when we feel our lives in tune
we're forever on a run
which helps us toward a future
devoid of smoke and guns

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