Wednesday, January 11, 2017

Sophistication of Voice - by - Bob Atkinson

Sophistication of Voice
(c)2017 Bob Atkinson

say this how you will
in a certain snippet of time
your sophistication dawdles
in open sets of rhyme

I don't feel inclusive
don't feel comfortable at all
in my use of language
could be my downfall

set down for you emotions
of a simple mortal man
a tribute to institutions of
an event without a plan

how do we progress in culture
without concern for how we write
without a line of arrogance
or even gentle light

my own experience in this
carries nothing much of note
just simple words for simple minds
in everything I've wrote

so many little words held up
for ridicule and jest
which sends a message to you
gets this off my chest

I'm not one to dawdle on
little nothings of ideas
but here lies an open question
bringing up my fears

fears I won't match those words
to my every whim
and leave you wondering how I can
collect them in a bin

and throw them as if sharp darts
at walls of indecision
bringing something to your table
with or without derision

take this open pleading for
an epic or dust pan
but never stop believing in
capabilities of man

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