Tuesday, January 17, 2017

End of the Circus End of Good Times - by - Bob Atkinson

End of the Circus
End of Good Times
(c)2017 Bob Atkinson

sweet dreams of audience screams
clowns who populated cars so small
high wire, acrobats, trapeze
elephants, tigers, lions, monkeys, macaws

all these things we saw up close
in a big top held up with ropes
barkers on a midway run
games to play outside for fun

all gone now

here in my lifetime a taste for reality
replaced by mechanical screens
effects created by computer
no interest anymore in realistic things

but now I find 'tis cycle time
where past repeats itself

all we knew when we were young
find ways to re-purpose themselves

most pleasant hide-out of tomorrow
will have none of science showing
a simple world for simple souls
flowers growing in peaceful gardens

sound of mechanical oddities
gone from everyday life
nothing seen of computer screens
wood cut with saw held tight

feel I might not survive that world
I'm such a wimp today
leverage of a million years
no longer here displayed

so many dreams to think about
won't find an answer yet
my mind's so clouded with doubt
but had to get it off my chest

about these changes I'm forced to endure
wish stability now and then
but when I'm forced to stand still
I find laments begin

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