Tuesday, December 20, 2016

Duped - by - Bob Atkinson

(c)2016 Bob Atkinson

he thought his plan sincere
he thought his motives just
save this world from deviants
do his part to end all lust

he conquered fear with faith
no doubt left in his mind
his purpose never shrouded with
an arrogance of times

that simply describes his situation
when he killed for faith supreme
but now let’s take a moment
to examine all his dreams

his mind had been adjusted
by rituals each day
repetitive motions laying out
this man as tool of trade

no deity ever created
left love of man on hidden page
nobody could arrange a world
with kindness thus decayed

for killing’s not a religious tool
only tool of trade when used for lust
and jealousy of sect’s a struggle
devoid of purposed thrust

my mind saddens when confronted
by those who kill for not a rule
of justice brought to fellow man
those who worship as a tool

a tool finds in character
a kinship with another word
which sounds the same
with different meaning

yes, taken as a fool

a fool believes that anyone
can state in certain terms
who lies at world’s center
that’s so hard to discern

some believe in absolutes
which govern all we do
while some believe those characters
denote the stuff of fools