Wednesday, November 30, 2016

Honor or Infamy - by - Bob Atkinson

(c)2016 Bob Atkinson

seems so little an idea there
how we keep ourselves in touch
in touch with life's gentle moods
those which perk us up

we've never seen a light so bright
or candle facing winds
as if our eloquent desires
expand outward from within

to feed our constitution's frame
a certain kind of fear
fear we may not have been
worthy of our peers

some believe barbarity
feeds their need to breathe
while another may find hope
in charity of giving

idea here flows through our hearts
do we wish honor or infamy
do we wish to die a death
that nobody mourns or weeps

or do we wish to aide mankind
in all our little ways
here's a choice you can make
with every breath you take

Friday, November 25, 2016

Adaptation - by - Bob Atkinson

(c)2016 Bob Atkinson

surreal describes our situation
a mental image processed inward
toward some deviation's mark
of human non-progress directly stated

we step back in our time
within a mix of what we see
devolved toward institutions
benign and in between

solve for me this problem
help me with this question
which expands our capabilities
strength or cowardice?

strength would stand our backbone
against every problem charged
while cowardice would never ever find
us with courage leveraged by

by those men of society
who claim their laws lie real
when they, in their weakest moments
this land underfoot did steal

so why would what someone says
hurt you in the least
why could you not ignore
words from some strange beast

why would society protect you
from verbal communication
even though those thoughts you hear
come from a deviant situation

I would rather hear it all
so I could adapt to that charge
with thought over time
as to their meaning's cause

would never tell you you're in the wrong
to say any words to me
for when you say them openly
you've set your mind process free

when you hear these things from me
you know fully where I stand
I'd rather have a bullet come
from front not toward my back

adaptation changes us
and melds those not sincere
from a pot of thoughtless men
into a set of peers

while protection of thought
demeans our species greatly
give me honesty please friend
so I can understand your meaning

for if because of convention
you hide your feelings from
your friends and your enemies
we'll never become just one

always stay "them and us"
and those not of my kind
something I would cry about
from now 'till end of time

Friday, November 18, 2016

If Another Thinks Different - by - Bob Atkinson

If Another Thinks Different
(c)2016 Bob Atkinson

travesty befell us all
when those who tended sheep
harvested a sentiment
against what good men teach

this seemed a private notion
but with hurt to impose on us
a disunited stumble
for people akin to lust

never in all history
had sacrilege been thus portrayed
never in thousands of years
had humanity been thus betrayed

cause of such reduced to naught
wiping out religious freedom in this world
where before you could worship plainly
anyone you would

but now with this statement of
untrue facts brought to our front
we feel free to injure others
as they're not of our bunch

when people see this bad's been done
they might open up their eyes
to reality of purpose here
as we're not a bunch of liars

we're open minded in approach
when we think a lot
not allowing ritual hypnosis
to injure us at all

we know we're sincerely blessed
to think for ourselves sometimes
we know who's supreme in our hearts
if another thinks different, that's just fine

Thursday, November 17, 2016

Doldrums - by - Bob Atkinson

(c)2016 Bob Atkinson
seeing sends believing messages
directly to one's brain
yet when our off button's pushed
we're rarely aware of the lightest rain

enigmas of an early time
make me feel as if contrite
while doldrums send a message of
calm flashes of white light

as if a sailor on blue oceans
going south beyond equator
I feel as if my wind's becalmed of late
has taken to resting not gyrating

true, my energy of before
was like a whirlwind of haste
while those who followed me in step
ended in hospitals, exasperated

why these ideas perform
some mental images of late
seems thoughts while resting now
have old activities replaced

doldrums seem to me at this moment
a natural attitude of my body
while watching young with energy
I stand by this open gate yawning

not giving what I could before
in any meaningful way
just think I've done all that they do
that's all I have to say

no comment on their performance
I've had my time to shine
they need to realize this life
is a compound of yours and mine

Friday, November 11, 2016

Total of Our Run - by - Bob Atkinson

Total of Our Run
(c)2016 Bob Atkinson
lack of money isn't poverty
money isn't wealth
for I've seen both sides of life
with openness of breath

for when one lives in poverty
there are rags to wipe the floor
and smiles can't be bought with cash
cash doesn't open every door

for if you stand on a corner
and beg for coins from me
won't give a penny to you then
unless right there I see

a broom in your hand
to sweep up city streets
something you'd not think of
as you stand there on your feet

there were times when my paper route
bought presents for our crew
cause papa lost that money when
too few good cards he drew

and coin left in his pocket
bought wine of simple taste
and left us with a heartache
instead of toys and games

but we tried our best not to do
those bad things they had done
giving our children a solid home
not ever on the run

for we found energy from disappointment
in having nothing of our own
the will to work much harder
than every other soul

and when you tally performance
you see what we have done
not letting poverty of time
be the total of our run

Nationalist Tendencies - by - Bob Atkinson

Nationalist Tendencies
(c)2016 Bob Atkinson

take your fear of status quo
dunk this in your coffee
and free your mind of decision
not what's offered now

we see ourselves as unique
but we've seen this path before
an overwhelming situation
which evens up the score

not always do we feel a pain
but when we do we pause
to reflect in who we are
and which is our great cause

history shows a depth of knowledge
about our current fare
nationalist fury can't be buried
for long, not mood declared

we come together as a group
when leaders show us weakness
and stretch our country to the brink
of folly and crass sheep-ness

we, as others in this world
need to find good strength
by allowing idealist bents
to mold us not to break us

so argue your side of life
your unique point of view
but momentum of the national
will settle down anew

and build a future who knows how
but forces here arrayed
have direction we don't know
until we read of history's page