Monday, May 30, 2016

One Must Do - by - Bob Atkinson

One Must Do
(c)2016 Bob Atkinson

heard them say without remorse
one must do what one must in due course”
couldn't argue with that statement
felt secure in what I thought of this arrangement

but, did I think or just react
to something thrown at my facial parts
seems to do one must engage ideas
of mind before turning pages with a wheel

oh so simple in form and function
while nodding agreement with a notion
tear feelings out from hiding
yes, there's goodness in those tidings

I don't profess to know strict truth
thought of this makes me full of juice
when I tear apart all fixed order
put down reasons for wild deportment

tell you when I've got a notion
my feelings on your reaction to that
how can I refer my broader plans
made so quickly under stress with dirty hands

no spanning memories of great oceans
where white caps lapped by frothy waves
above where many fishes played
and my thoughts got so delayed

delayed by wondering how I'd feel
when and if life were real
no playing now a tune
to amuse and tickle some baboon

when I'm alone will feel the heat
and throw shoes off of my feet
lay back and ponder fate
which doesn't listen to me anyway

guess I'll just take what comes
and be happy I've succumbed
because an end cannot be had
if journey never ever began

Friday, May 27, 2016

Key to Feelings Long Suppressed - by - Bob Atkinson

Key to Feelings Long Suppressed
(c)2016 Bob Atkinson

for time too long to state
have seen so many dreams dissipate
for hours pondered this arrangement
found simple themes not strong of statement

never will define my love
for life, if purpose comes from above
for dear heart you understood
weakness can be super strength of god

I stay awestruck by our moon
which seems to shout of attitude
never lacking emptiness here in gut
but for your touch would not confront

every doubt standing in my life
every failure to complete a fight
for what becomes so broad of care
starts a fire with an echo from a dare

power to force a dream onward
to front of awakened concept
I sleep here without guilt
as I am mortal, not center's ilk

I do not carry burdens so large
as to victory's pursuit embark
on trails unknown in destination
without a compass for direction

pressures upon my soul
give me peaceful, simple goals
I do not fear for lack of grace
as my life here on this stage

grabs only what lies real
no guarantees for broad appeal
those objects of positive direction
never stand for professed perfection

Monday, May 23, 2016

Neuronic Twist of Fate - by - Bob Atkinson

Neuronic Twist of Fate
(c)2016 Bob Atkinson

irritation spreads again
when I hear them tell me truly
some dumbfounded reality
for me to ponder duly

I should this, I should that
I should back this one
I should use this product
I should sell my gun

I should never think that way
I should adopt this "plan"
I could never see their purpose
if deceit a way of man

so carry me to "la la land"
my favorite escape
so I might not be deceived
by neuronic twists of fate

my goal when young seemed so clear
tell truth and be a man
who could be counted on
by consistency of stance

but now I'm not so sure
what truth lies here today
haven't heard truth's bugle
when walking in this parade

hidden behind some curtain
of purpose not spoken
pride, sincerity, honor
have all been trashed, broken

broken in so many ways
social order's in disarray
find's no honor here
sincerity finds no face

'tis merely what one can
get away with that's important
to sell one's soul for a dime
to me seems a fool's deportment

Wednesday, May 18, 2016

Sanity - by Bob Atkinson

(c)2016 Bob Atkinson

Sweet dreams delay reality
when said of distant thoughts
where can we find discussion
if all effort goes for naught

do we really invite lessons
learned when problems caught
without some real solution
if craziness gets lost

or do we sink into a mind
of emptiness displayed
while our lives become less meaningful
as if hidden from parade

do we really think we matter
in this nothingness of time
or will we enter into darkness
for punishment of crimes

where will we land when feet fall
onto some grounded earth
without which we sell our souls
for expense of silly mirth

well, if I had my choice of these
wicked sentences displayed
could I ever tell you truth
or would my ideas arrange

some sentimental charity
for those who know me not
even if I'm certified
by authority of god

or could this all be a dream
for which I'll soon awake
to spend some time pondering
while eating morning cake

what did I do to deserve
blessing or punishment I got
have not an idea of character
of those ingredients in my pot

'tis mixed for someone's amusement
am certain they don't care
one wit for my sanity
which never here appeared

Tuesday, May 3, 2016

Essence of Poetry - by Bob Atkinson

sometimes questions come of age
in an age of sweetness dawned
some semi circle arranged in patterns
without which our lives lie dormant

here, in our wondrous days
we softly ponder meaning
define please essence of poetry
without which I'm only dreaming

well dear, 'tis not a definition
to wonder and berate
we've come to know a why of life
when we write words on page

to think begins a journey
into the mind of us
settles for us ever more
what's good about this fuss

good can find many meanings
as bad can find one's sad
elegance of finite solution
begins each day at dawn

to answer your good question
about poetry's erudite parade
we must here find a purpose
to why these words get arranged

poetry doesn't tell those facts
which prose must duly report
poetry tells how you feel
about this new discourse

emotions laid upon a page
where feelings come to front
how did you react to the news
with love or real discomfort

do you like these events
or do they make you sad
how could you find solace
in both good and bad

so there, in a nutshell
we've shelled this beast again
telling all there is to know
about one plan of man