Saturday, September 26, 2015

To Speak by Conjecture - by Bob Atkinson

(c)2015 Bob Atkinson
how do we communicate
how do we trade ideas
by fixed principle?
questioning what stands for real?

tell me if you believe
value of your burdened ties
or lies of other people's screams
who cry dreams not satisfied?

do we agitate when we
attempt to influence fate
can we offer value
to an entire human race?

will we in our travels
adjust our morality for a cause
or wander down a pathway
which slams all things observed?

by questioning bright lights
do they give off dust
or will they illuminate
our bodies as we rust?

why, in nature's conquest
of random acts without constraints
do we sympathize with hate
when love's a better gate?

a gate through which we pass
on our journey to bright stars
pillars denoting freedom
to question then discard

Thursday, September 24, 2015

Theatre - by Bob Atkinson

(c)2015 Bob Atkinson
to watch imparts drama
into that deepened brain
calculating an aurora
description of the same

same words we use in daily
conversations with our own
here meaning penetrates
to basis of the throne

we see ourselves in others
how they move and discuss fate
believing them to last only
for a time of useful taste

which brings us to a notion
do we seem as we appear
or are we watched with sympathy
by overbearing seers

me, I have no vision
of who they could represent
themselves or a deity
brought forward as recompense

are they serving sentence
did they fall from grace
is this a school for competence
in belonging to the human race

Saturday, September 19, 2015

Sweet Jewel of Man - by Bob Atkinson

Sweet Jewel of Man
(c)2015 Bob Atkinson

perhaps we've seen enough of this
mega violence engaged
upon bodies and minds of men
tearing people from life's page

destroying towns and villages
hurting humanity with thrust of sabre
touting strength of knowledge
while laying bare our tables

taking from us humanity
in a search for power great
over minds of cattle
harvested as if grown grains

stop this foolishness of deed
stop foolishness of thought
stop this struggle for dominance

stop dragging us to our graves
in your ignorance of goodness great
persons fleeing destruction
paint pictures clear of your disdain

contempt for progress of the soul
scorn for progress of the mind
construction of dry houses
and clear purpose for our times

contempt for opposition
something cherished in our hearts
right to our own decisions
in complexity of thought

Thursday, September 17, 2015

Burkina Faso - by Bob Atkinson

looking closely with eyes evolved
with a different point of view
carries disappointment on back
old tales of me and you

here in this open season we
see those works of art
God would call his people
friends doing all their part

they live in something not their making
way of life not of their kind
struggling over convention which
carries burdens of the mind

they see not as we see
they feel not as we feel
no purpose or direction
no adamantly fierce zeal

to gather with their friends
and build until the sky
a force of nature perpetuated
by twinkle in their eyes

in ways this gains relief
don't blow up this world of ours
no radiation spread around
no bombs exploding stars

no paved roads to calm the dust
or electric poles to mar the land
no roofs of asphalt shingles
or parks for fellow man

no museums to stir imagination
or libraries to stir the mind
no sewers to flush the muddy
from their homes divine

you say this could be corrected
but how one asks of you
can these holes of purpose
be filled with squared off crews

how can we find our calling
how do we help ourselves
find in purpose energy
to help our fellow man

perhaps it's us who needs this help
find gentleness in our souls
where we might not fight each other
and pollute all that we know

Thursday, September 3, 2015

Benevolence Becomes Malevolence - by Bob Atkinson

Benevolence Becomes Malevolence
(c)2015 Bob Atkinson

to give requires taking
is that really what you want
or do you feel you're a catcher
of gifts they give your heart

to dumb you down's trickery
not worthy of your soul
just takes from deep inside your heart
ignores life's mutual goals

everybody can have good purpose
money's not an important thing
'tis not what you take from life
but what you've got to give

that person who steps aside
when ambulance scurries past
has more in their soul
than those who give it gas

to sell one's honor for a dime
or dollar's still the same
pride of accomplishment's what
makes that brass bell ring

not bright bling around the neck
or cash in pocket there
nothing's as important
beyond a good show of care

can't get richer in your heart
than becoming one who gives their all
to another person's needs
to do so says it all

so when you feel you're owed a lot
think about these words
who can absorb benevolence
when it costs one all they're worth

Flaming Bonds of Time - by Bob Atkinson

Flaming Bonds of Time
(c)2015 Bob Atkinson

I saw flaming bonds of time
send a message oh so clear
we live to struggle in our ways
leaving nothing but simple fear

to root out emotions
bringing them to front of gate
allowing all our energies
to not dissipate

with so much to concern us
we strive to overcome
which activates our passions
and pushes on our love

our love for humanity
knowing how to treat those friends
whom we do not know
but feel for just the same

I don't know the answers
just see questions on these ideals
an invitation to discussion
of reason persevered

a charge we all take to heart
we'll find purpose in our lives
and settle down to love all men
when challenge ends its time