Saturday, February 28, 2015

Poetry's Force - by Bob Atkinson

Poetry's Force
(c)2015 Bob Atkinson

there lies in this world
a force for what's begun
that delineated string of
milkwhite right and wrong

a constitutional environment
in a reckless sort of way
don't need so much progress
let the mundane have its way

in poetry this tripeliness
has forced our genre' to
lie dormant in respectfulness
as a stinky sort of brew

with azure skies conquering
a metaphor or two
with similes stringing in a line
confusing me and you

let poetry have a day
where construction begins again
grabbing tightly hearts of gold
and sweetness of word plan

Saturday, February 21, 2015

Charade - by Bob Atkinson

(c)2015 Bob Atkinson

tell me truly do you believe
in what you present and what you dream
that unruly jumble of words you spoke
in devious method toward mind's ghost

you drone on and on without deep breath
your words lie petty, no harsh duress
until those foul and filthy lines
which take from children their innocence

you, as a refugee from seminary
use techniques of mind control
to filter any willingness
to object or reject this droll prose

don't keep me in that world of yours
you may possess credentials vast, unfurled
presented by those not in the know
not privy to word's purposed flow

take your lack of honest truth
withdraw, don't subject this to youth
don't set them on a path not straight
don't from your religious bag their future take

Friday, February 13, 2015

Collapse of Society as a Whole - by Bob Atkinson

Collapse of Society as a Whole
(c)2015 Bob Atkinson

trending from my rocking chair
can see those actions bad
some countries deviate from norms
some attack where strength had landed

them in an aggressive posture
an open invitation
toward that feeling of superiority
right of organization

I feel here in this moment
on a macro scale of thought
one little country invading another
has for our whole lives naught

nothing here concerned about
those invaded would differ greatly
but here am talking generalities
not simple force gyrations

to them, they should have concern
yes, they're threatened by this force
yet humanity on the whole
has not entered in true discourse

collapse of the society as a whole
causing shake and quake
with bones of worry here today
keeps us all so infatuated

that we, as one small animal
on this earth so blue and small
could in a moment's eye blink
become something of past thought

some would survive, we always do
although Neanderthals would take aback
at this statement of perseverance
as some species no longer walk

upon this orb of hometown cities
or forests where were born
animals of amazing design
which didn't kill themselves

like we have potential to
fight, fuss and kill
in order to gain superiority
over another with stronger will

so sit back in your easy chair
and quake at suggestion of
collapse of society as a whole
an end to what's called "us"

Saturday, February 7, 2015

Spicy Vocabulary - by Bob Atkinson

Spicy Vocabulary
(c)2015 Bob Atkinson

having drawn my feelings toward
an open ended dull bladed sword
seen here in a memory
some words I've yet to include

in my own bag of tricks
that bundle of words I pick
to take with and interact
my vocabulary "ruck sack"

most times simple phrases work
not needed some intricate gobbledegook
no purpose in these weirded works
no lesson learned from learned books

where then do these terms apply?
when rare concoctions get verified
when do I insert an unused phrase
where does one utilize their "back of brain"

depends upon whom you wish to impress
make minds toasted, baked or festered
addled, muddled, stupefied
simply standing, frozen, with question: "why?"

why choose to inflate your ego thus
via roads of spaghetti fraught with mush
do you simply tell the tale
or garnish with those words impaled

as a culture eons brought
some deeply dreamed of lovely thought
a world where some have lived to get
to where you stand on this carpet

Sunday, February 1, 2015

Poetry Contest - Path to Salon of Poetry

Poetry Contest 
- Path to Salon of Poetry

Submit your bio plus url of your online poetry collection to enter this year's monthly contest for inclusion in January 2016's Salon of Poets.
Each monthly winner will receive a Prize Certificate and Ribbon denoting your successful filling of requirements for in the major Poetry Contest:

 "Society of Independent Artists Internet Poetry Collection of the Year 2016."
Previously published works acceptable, as long as an entire collection is available to the public free of charge on the internet.
No entry fee at all, but not every submission will qualify, ('tis at the discretion of the judges).

Send the following to:

 Bob Atkinson

1.  Your bio (no 3rd party submissions allowed)
2.  Your web address for your Poetry Works (url)
3.  Release to allow publication of selected works on:

Poetry Critic Blog
4.  Join the meetup group:

Arizona Society of Independent Artists

Good luck, good writing,