Saturday, December 20, 2014

Dreams in Tow - by Bob Atkinson

Dreams in Tow
(c)2014 Bob Atkinson
if shallow meaning pervades a dream
then dreams shall hold me firm
as instant clarification hides all truth
when we've tamed our attitude

unsettled in our purpose
while rushing here and there
never in our wildest dreams
were we to stand up here

no, don't find a use
in worrying about my past
where open ended truces held
much danger if didn't last

to see what we have built in our
sense of destiny
carries in my mind a hope
of progress therein decreed

with open arms I see this world
has potential to expand forever
into a web of sensible delusion
some ignored, some looked well after

of simple and profound
we have our dreams in tow
to sally forth grand wickedness
under whiteness of fresh snow

Sensation of Books - by Bob Atkinson

Sensation of Books
(c)2014 Bob Atkinson

emotional displays
within and under skin
from words read or heard
here a world begins

begins to feel great passion
for tales brought to one's head
by those of different experience
while I lie here in my bed

alternating surfaces
those turn black to white
as seas begin to roar when they
shimmer in fierce night

that sky of dots which brightly twinkle
remains no mystery to me
when another spends a lifetime
making good sense of what I see

suffering extended toward
a wonderment of doubt
follows trails of adventure
some successful, some without

frail I may be in my body
but, can climb that mountain tall
for someone in the know
has written down it all

here my tribute falls so short
of thanking them for what
extends my mind and body
toward what remains no longer doubt

doubt that this world survives
when my days of enjoyment gone
when another takes my place here with
complete knowledge of the farm

so that those cities fill with food
and people do not starve
because of ideas written down
by great men, no arms

Tuesday, December 16, 2014

Poe vs Reality or Revitalization of Poetry in the 21st Century - by Bob Atkinson

Poe vs Reality
Revitalization of Poetry
in the 21st Century
(c)2014 Bob Atkinson

Poe's vision of poetry
demeaned a genre' shameful
arguing poetry functions merely
as a form of art time wasteful

well, here in my comfy chair
beg to differ with that man
couldn't be so far from truth
if he said he'd had three hands

one to write with laziness
one to scratch his head
one to turn large pages
of my poems about the man

poetry's not so simple
where in one breath you can compound
all past and future sentences
with something said profound

we must explore our history
what we thought of these events
we must describe our feelings
not only dates and times presented

we have so deep in our hearts
potential to explore
producing great good nations
where sea laps up to shore

have to, in these times of trouble
understand where trouble originates
does it come from circumstance
or does hurtful agitate

how can man hurt ones he loves
how can he not love mankind
how can he give his soul to devil
total uselessness of mind

how can we not learn from past events
how can we document our fears
how can we open up to treasures
produced throughout many years

tell you firmly I believe
we can start here in our time
to fully document our souls
with rhythm and with rhyme

Saturday, December 13, 2014

Salon of Poetry - by Bob Atkinson

Salon of Poetry
(c)2014 Bob Atkinson

they stood so detached from minds
on easels, boards of rhythm, rhyme
these penned tomes of lives began
with promise of a fruitful land

here in Pueblo Ancient
stars of language concentrated
to begin work on maturity of thought
in this world so much distraught

leadership in some cultured direction
not fully developed, yet progressing
toward a future harmony sincere
that tasteful nut devoid of fear

they stood proud in that hall of fame
their words professing honest gain
no simpleton's remarks had they
made in letters naive, profane

taken by us one and all
this beginning in that open hall
began as something quite sincere
reducing our most deadly fears

fears of social progress not
that struggle for just freedom's knot
a world with potential clearly defined
beyond our present state of mind

Friday, December 12, 2014

Ease of Decision, Tenacity of Mind - by Bob Atkinson

Ease of Decision,
Tenacity of Mind
(c)2014 Bob Atkinson

so many times in our lives
we gather not true facts
just grab at straws, finalize
our beliefs with small impact

we carry these great burdens
those of narrow minded ideas
staying with our hearts as if
they held our timeless feeling

burned so deep into our lives
these quickly grabbed surmises
tell us how to find the truth
with echoes of alliances

can't let them go away when said
they're false, not really real
only with great tenacity
can we remove our zeal

takes great and lasting payment
to cling to what we think
allowing then our self image only
to take us to the brink

seems sad we'll delude ourselves
not for fact but self expression
into doing that which we
see not as inspiration

Tuesday, December 9, 2014

Heat - by Bob Atkinson

(c)2014 Bob Atkinson

to understand workings
of that which most don't care
sends us on an errand
to mindless wanderings there

this sign of relative touch
an over threshold leap
begins a journey circumscribed
with wonder, disbelief

what's "heat?"

better some great scientist
explain this dude to you
myself, only an observer
of those who know the truth

about such strange diversions
we see daily in our lives
but fail to understand detail
no effect here on our pride

heat's defined as transfer
of energy proposed
not work, nor solids predisposed
to shift their worthy goals

increases entropy
what that means I do not know
while shifting something here to there
akin to wiggling toes

latent heat's inclusive
while "sensible" changes not
that variable which we know
gets considered in this pot

what this all means to life
haven't got a clue here, any bit
should put heat to study on my calendar
if in future have a minute

Poverty and Privation - by Bob Atkinson

Poverty and Privation
(c)2014 Bob Atkinson

give me a break you who wail
about your current station
don't understand this world of ours
has many, many layers?

to groan and mumble words of woe
when you're healthy in your body
tells me you've a selfish streak
see wealth as all that matters

how does that align with deserving
to go where you look upon
when you, there in your feelings
care not to help us all

purpose stays for those who know
how this world evolved
from hunter gatherer stalemate
to farmers working with their plows

not so much size of your tv set
that says how you resolved
to join a mainstream culture
more said of how you charge

charge those around you
to learn of life with energy
and feed that passion burning
within your heart felt need

push back on that which holds
your toes from tapping sounds
of progress in your station
with efforts wild, unbounded

push back on your community downers
who keep others from your streets
and feed that morass of hopelessness
which holds back your brothers' seed

Tuesday, December 2, 2014

Poemwriter - by Bob Atkinson

(c)2014 Bob Atkinson

tell me when this thing evolves
into a large idea in long wood halls
tell me how we presented fate
that overdone flowing gate

tell me when should signs light up
though my feelings lie in twisted muck
some show forever complex forms
while talking over ways and norms

find me ever in my head
pressing that which holds grand plans
take this overblown reprieve
to drive toward fuller sensual extremes

prior to this errant fluctuation
my signs pointed toward gyration
counting all within this scope
as here or there or castle roped

come to me you senseless dope
carry all you wished and hoped
trade measure for that measured hand
then pick up skirts and join the band

Grains of Life - by Bob Atkinson

Grains of Life
(c)2014 Bob Atkinson

softly flowing prior years
those of some past delights
determined elements of time
focused with indulgent desire

to relive some yesteryears today
we're dreaming toward those prior days
when all that went before was calm
no worries, or determined faults

sifting bad feelings out of mind
leaves thoughts of love again
we think not of that struggle
which determined where we stand

holding hands again resolves
those trials we all went through
to work bad memories to dust
and follies to laughing stew

no, there were no obstacles
we couldn't climb upon
no force of nature we could not
work on until was gone

we stand so tall within our hearts
we find we've done quite well
in working all our problems out
while passing close to gates of hell

Friday, November 14, 2014

Prestige - by Bob Atkinson

  • prominency
    (c)2014 Bob Atkinson

    here we have good purpose
    for our emergence from disgrace
    our intellect directed fully
    toward gentle style and grace

    leadership becomes on surface
    an essential ingredient in this tale
    taking from man's history wisdom
    good deed and good intent prevailed

    hold on to your bootstraps fella
    cancel appointments you have made
    grab that cup of coffee brewed
    open your window shades

    here in our darkest moment
    when we begin to doubt ourselves
    we've backed directly into purpose
    a definition of where we've failed

    then, with no extended delay
    I'll spell it for your needs
    to thoroughly understand the route
    we need to undertake to succeed

    must here work on cachet
    showing dignity in our efforts
    esteem, good pride's reflection
    of importance in our merit

    power held in reserve to evoke
    prominence by our flag thus waved
    reputation preceding us when we
    arrive here on world's stage

    standing among the group of nations
    high stature, if you will allow
    leading status letting us
    show weight of what we love

    authority of the solid foundation
    celebrity when among our peers
    those also of consequence
    having also shed their tears

    in control of life seeking clearly
    harmony within nature's frame of mind
    refraining from those tangential trips
    toward ascendancy of power climbs

    all seeing in our produce
    credit for what we've done
    distinction for that time when we
    had great problems to overcome

    eminence of leadership
    illustriousness of our fate
    kudos given us by those
    who position us as great

    preeminence in decisions
    as rank builds via explanation
    regard for our station's purpose
    carries high renown for reputation

    repute not disputed
    our state so stable built
    to sway others in our direction
    rejecting devil's dictatorship

    prominence for humanity's sake
    created by us all
    by constant effort to evolve
    what's good for one and all

Wednesday, November 12, 2014

Laughter (a suspension of ordered thought) -- by Bob Atkinson

(a suspension of ordered thought)
(c)2014 Bob Atkinson

laughter short circuits minds
but, in a gentle sort of way
confusion healing synapses
therapy for our burdened brains

as a release from cares each day
this chuckle lets us incubate
and move into a happy place
as if we've won life's race

feelings from our torsos
drawing up into our nose
clamp down upon our brains allowing
senseless perceptions to roam

seems as if directed minds
become so quivering as to shake
while nothing worries us when
we laugh until we're in a teary state

laughter lulls our sense of order
until doesn't matter what we do
we look up to down, rain cotton crowns
on desert trees moistened by honey dew

laughter defined becomes a cure
from burdens of our program
letting brains heal in short time
by release from rules of order

Dreams of Youth - by Bob Atkinson

Dreams of Youth
(c)2014 Bob Atkinson

the gentle breeze of ocean scene
carried on to shore by waves
shows a misty entourage of wings
on my mind somewhat dismayed

golden days of youthful rage
before I understood
how this world was organized
the order of how we moved

youth has in lack of knowledge
advantage here and now
no worries of mortality
or weaknesses defined

simple thoughts of simple minds
unburdened by the sense
of grand spatial relationships
or proper actions left unfenced

they will learn in time what fills
this world with progress made
that everlasting accomplishment
left to their children's days

here in our defined spaces
we live with all those folks
who pen our hopes and dreams
into a corner as if by rope

here and there with diligence
we break free from such restraints
and see our dreams come to fruition
with style and with grace

Tuesday, November 11, 2014

Era of Illusion - by Bob Atkinson

Era of Illusions
(c)2014 Bob Atkinson

wishing doesn't make it so
as we've learned in these past years
finding everlasting progress
takes many wasted tears

future filled with harmony
such a worthy goal
comes at a price of ego
and toil of many folks

let us begin the journey
to take with us our land
and fully excavate its soil
with machine and hand

forming a greater nation
based upon some precepts wrote
some everlasting hardened roles
which carry goodness in its fold

try to send a message
not tolerant of hate
no taking trials of ages
into the pail of waste

let them know barbarity
cannot be allowed its head
no, we won't accept violence
as a method of the dead

dead of heart these heathen sods
who use religion as a crutch
to kill and injure citizens
who must regain our trust

killing willy nilly
or killing at all cannot
be something humanity cherishes
for them there is no god

Sunday, November 9, 2014

War of Ideals - by Bob Atkinson

War of Ideals
(c)2014 Bob Atkinson

seems here in my point of view
there lies a goal supreme
in some who profess profound right
to press upon us principles of their dreams

they seem so spiritual
accepting only their view of life
taking up arms to force
another to abide

abide by their righteousness
for they view themselves as saints
not understanding right of purpose
requires totality of restraint

restraint from hurting fellow man
no harm to us can they
in their goodness of purpose
to this world display

if, on the other hand
some hurt the ones they love
then willingness to kill and maim
takes license from their cause

Thursday, November 6, 2014

Composition of Us - by Bob Atkinson

Composition of Us
(c)2014 Bob Atkinson

we consist of many things
mother, father, ancestral springs
flowing down through all of time
until the present of yours and mine

serious discussion needed here
meanings broad, nothing to fear
how our world gets organized
begins to form under our eyes

to imagine these ideas professed
must suspend belief of rocky cliffs
do we consist of salty brine
or chunks of life unrelated to time

here, in imagination's realm
every part belongs to all else
life gone before has changed our mood
by simple inclusion in reality's brew

reaction, composition of moods
takes origin from those with whom
our world before us fought their way
toward where we stand, our present day

why we drive toward complex themes
in an ocean mixed with every dream
becomes a question for our hearts
leaves us in doubt, a grand purpose for art

unanswered questions here abouts
might never find solutions, described results
might never be told what here exists
but speculation abounds in this abyss

every object made in all of time
every thought prior to yours and mine
every idea professed until now
lies mixed with us, we're life's ship's bow

Wednesday, November 5, 2014

Pervasive Style - by Bob Atkinson

Pervasive Style
(c)2014 Bob Atkinson

bland form sends a message
to us who hesitate in thought
not fixed in function nor devised
undulated by surfaces caught

back in those old times of trouble
some of which still remain today
we work ourselves into a bubble
organizing throbbing, shooting pain

how can this altogether show
in our darkest hour of crisis
sincerity testing meditation
without use of an odorous flower

to tell the truth we incubate
desires in our heart
grow devious burdens of concern
thus receding good works of art

so toned our nature becomes
to life wonderful or ghastly
we hardly look toward the future
as our lives revolve on past dreams

depends upon our choices made
to become good or nasty souls
descriptive labels applied to our lives
become everlasting stories unknown

unknown by conscious thought
under cover we persevere beyond
toward fabric of the natural world
in the push and shove of onward

we cannot change what's prearranged
we cannot comprehend
that everlasting background
upon which our world depends