Saturday, September 28, 2013

Civilization via Edification - by Bob Atkinson

Civilization via Edification
(c)2013 Bob Atkinson

"... Civilization is an accumulation, a treasure-house of arts and wisdom, manners and morals, from which the individual, in his development, draws nourishment for his mental life ..." Will Durant

edification of the population
done with pride and objective thought
stands as our goal of consciousness
counterpoint to selfish paucity

brilliance in wise teachings
willingness to listen to what's been said
and travel worlds full of wild adventure
documenting a radiant evolution's tale

we steer our course through oceans
waves so high above our masts
where we see only ourselves
not land, nor ships, nor paths

from those wild beginnings
where survival took front stage
to relaxed supposition
of our place upon life's page

evolve we do toward the light
not into caves of total darkness
to leave behind our legacy
of pride and learned smartness

education, our former goal
set not fully into our plans
lacked morality in its teachings
left a somewhat barren land

seeks within its realm
to identify us all
as one civilization
not just a free for all

Literature - by Bob Atkinson

(c)2013 Bob Atkinson
an article to espouse a notion
biography of sorts
brochure to impart knowledge
good composition duly posted

some drama brought to the fore
an essay of scattered thoughts
some history thrown into a process
of information gathered thusly

a leaflet, beginning small
containing lore of ages past
building toward novel form
an assemblage
of pamphlets quickly dashed

poetry takes the better form
prose so hard to remember
research an essential ingredient
for stories of a complex nature

we can abstract ideas
belles-lettres telling all
contained in books of the classics
with comments down below

we can critique by disquisition
those dissertations that contain
the exposition of knowledge
findings with good craft made

humanities expand with every book
letters of lit and observation
paper trail of what's been learned
reported by those insane or stable

quick summary delineating
themes, battles, of ancient men
new thesis proposed for understanding
tract of the knowing hand's demands

this treatise settles in my memory
special treatment of life's theme
writings brought to full attention
literary works brought to our stream

précis to get our attention full

of written works produced for us
to build our lives toward a future of
civil feelings through literary production

Friday, September 27, 2013

Henri Matisse's Expression (or, How One Can Sound Smart and Be Stupid) - by Bob Atkinson

Henri Matisse's Expression
(or, How One Can Sound Smart and Be Stupid)
(c)2013 Bob Atkinson
"... Expression to my way of thinking, ...
does not consist of the passion mirrored upon a human face or betrayed by a violent gesture.
The whole arrangement of my picture is expressive  ..." 
Henri Matisse

here we go with confrontation
can't help it, made that way
this nonsensical perversion
explained by gibberish salivated

from the mouth of one not stout
claiming name but not productive clout
his junk not trashed in his time
let's do him justice of the more refined

absinthe, and other devious
chemicals removing neurons from senses
bring alive that senseless style
obviously arranged to sell to those

not understanding of how art goes

well, need not strike this horse
whose death has found due course
will simply, in this argument
present not words but photographs
Poem: Art D'cor by Bob Atkinson
Les Phares by Charles Baudelaire, translated to English by Bob Atkinson

Tuesday, September 24, 2013

The Art of Poetry vs The Discipline of Poetry - by Bob Atkinson

The Art of Poetry
The Discipline of Poetry
(c)2013 Bob Atkinson

Fine Art has its alter ego
Art D'cor which also breaks
these two ideas into factions
one primitive, one more staid

Fine Art means something learned
art constructed from the past
having trained in master's techniques
meaning that will ever last

Art D'cor lies more transitory
fills merely a momentary need
more for pleasant decoration than
further advancement of the breed

in literature begins an era bold
of truly differentiated tastes
in a time of new beginnings
of newness that will rage

Poetry as an art leans
toward the wispy, mindless tripe
thoughts without complex emotions
guided by throttled emptiness

no purpose in its dreaming
no research done for its themes
no imparting information gathered
beyond simple illusion of mindless motif

Discipline of Poetry
on the other hand
takes our minds into a world
of culture broadly expanded

always purpose in those words
always thought deep in what seems
complex exploration of existence
researched flowing through watered streams

that tell us what we didn't know
what a writer knew not too
when he began his assemblage
of words that wanted to

expand our understanding
of this, that, or the other
setting us on a journey to
correctness, not toward blunder

he sets out to explore a point
be it theory or merely fact
and takes us on a journey meaty
never wanting to look back

he opens books of reference
gives those notes there for our usage
to let us quickly acclimate toward
understanding an idea's currency

here we've gotten something good
what pushes on our hearts
total construction of our world
observed at least until we're dust

Monday, September 23, 2013

Susan - by Bob Atkinson

(c)2013 Bob Atkinson

what Paris does for our hearts
town of Susan did for theirs
nine thousand years of civilized
carried on with their own standards

why could they not inform us
tell tales of their daily lives
give to future generations
what would open our eyes

we have in our true destiny
a charge of challenge great
provide that literary document
upon which our lives rage

our wants, our hopes, our charity
our dreams of love fulfilled
simple direction of our souls
how we walk, talk and feel

true, in our bustle we
don't see ourselves from afar
so let us document our dreams
thus give them to the stars

Discipline of Poetry

Saturday, September 21, 2013

Three Fears - by Bob Atkinson

Three Fears
(c)2013 Bob Atkinson

Our Greatest Fear: "... no opening to unpedigreed
genius, no purchase to ambition and hope, no stimulus to invention and enterprise ..."

who tells of a system devoid
of breaking into a different mold
when unvarnished malcontents control
who gets full acknowledgement of hope

biased in those ways of old times
paying homage to some dopey tag lines
causes millions to die in painful agony
while pushing to the front dire tragedy

we here in the back lots of freedom
gasp at those who seem as demons
telling always their simple lies
trying to pull wool over our eyes

opportunity needs a highway
no predetermined requirement applied
merely that which fills a bill
and competes with required skill

ambition cannot be sequestered
thoughts of moving it unfettered
drive us toward our finite goals
no matter who determines modes

hope injects our motivation
taking us from static to salvation
transitory in its form, as minds adorned
tallied way points of ignored norms

don't quash my desire to innovate
don't keep me down while you agitate
don't follow me into my domain
then tell me I'm not allowed such gain

keep potential occupied
keep hope, fierce ambition alive
not with numbers satisfied
but toward achievements justified

To Call Us Native - by Bob Atkinson

To Call Us Native
(c)2013 Bob Atkinson
came we did from distant lands
to conquer, kill and infect man
we did what we could do with life
drew our guns and drew our knives

all who claim that title present
hold not sincere argument
if they came, they came to conquer
subdue, kill, plead supremacy

all who live among us now
some here for long, some new to town
fed the stream of blood mixed culture
lived their lives as people humble

humble had then different meaning
something now we can't relate
times do change for the better
if we let it, all sadness abates

future's sharpened if we forget dreadful
all who lived can't claim good intent
grab best force, force of positive
teach your children all your knowledge

today we're in this boat together
absorbing wisdom from each other
loving diversity for its own sake
grabbing life with a goodness rake

Tuesday, September 10, 2013

The Simple vs The Complex - by Bob Atkinson

The Simple vs The Complex
(c)2013 Bob Atkinson

how small the gap we measure
between great success and failure
between smart and less than smart
there exists no boundaries spacious

deep thoughts begin with shallowness
ideas stand arranged for comfort
by reason of confusion produced
through multiple thinking concepts

we feel we live our lives within
a functional way of movement
yet wither when asked to state
our own and best conclusions

gap between best minds
and minds of the rest of us
lies firmly in a narrow range
guided by skill and luck

Monomania - by Bob Atkinson

(c)2013 Bob Atkinson
bigotry leads toward extremism
hatred leads to intolerance
zeal transforms into zealotry then
abandonment of rational thought processes

arbitrary notions float in minds
seeing bias not as clouds
contumacy lives as contempt
deep under furrowed brows

dedication's not destructive
devotion's not a curse
if dogma not laid with stone
carved with over enthusiastic bursts

factions try to sway with fear
and frenzy poorly rehearsed
prejudice enraged by immoderation
or by infatuation with historical curse

injustice not observed, though here
covered by madness of large crowds
monomania displayed with calloused eyes
obsessiveness plowed into sacred ground

the obstinate display partiality toward numbness
that partisanship shown of half empty minds
as passion presents its stupidity
and prejudice exposes the blind

rage flies at those who don't believe
those single-minded twits destructive
supporting stubbornness of superstition as
idiocy abandons all human gifts of conscience

tenacity, an empty feeling
when correctness here in doubt
transports unfairness to the front
unruliness to the mob's power

willful violation of respect
brutality of actions cast
incorrigible persons deviant
reckless shadows thrust here abouts

causing violence to emerge
through willfulness shouted loud
to those who see not the light
never touching a dream's ground

incorrigible as they seem
they're not unreasonable in the end
when they envision themselves manipulated
by the crazy, deviant power hounds

who use us as simple tools
to ply some broad superstition
taking stock of mortal men
through hypnotic infatuation

Sunday, September 8, 2013

Glory - by Bob Atkinson

(c)2013 Bob Atkinson

celebrity in recognition
while holding dignity in one's hand
distinction produced by eminence
exaltation breathed in

grandeur brought with a great march
down boulevards widened with
spoils of war, those golden bars
causing money to flow back in

greatness of the honor
an illustrious breed of cat
immortality forever written
and kudos given back

magnificent organization
majesty and open pomp
creation of nobility
by praise of honor brought

prestige, renown thrust forward now
by reputation of delightful adventure
showing splendor of accomplishment
of your sublime barbaric tenure

Saturday, September 7, 2013

The Revival of Learning - by Bob Atkinson

The Revival of Learning
(c)2013 Bob Atkinson
stimulated excitement rages
as thoughts began anew
learning led by simple precepts
of rhythm, rhyme and review

solid foundations given
to those who grew up quick
with steady hand of propriety
morality devised
with softness not hard stick

before, with prose dividing us
so harsh an outlook on life
we never had the chance to love
saddened in darkened twilight

of humanity's old position
fussing, fighting, destroying with fire
fruits of another era built up
then bombed by selfish desire

today our hearts settle quick
that question of where to go
we find Poetry solves for us
open mysteries of life unfolded

Wednesday, September 4, 2013

Poetry of the Hindu - by Bob Atkinson

Poetry of the Hindu
(c)2013 Bob Atkinson
corrupted literature sets into
a solid world of poetry
where prose had not been known before
crept steadily into visionary scenes

before that tales began with meter
had a song of rhythms versed
with satire set against a fence
of long lost emotional bursts

memory, recitation, decree
a slightly different form survived
one of faith and swinging gait
set truisms into normal minds

science born of observation
medicine borne of study
legalities, plus works of art
become our poet's legacy

fables gifted from the past
to grace us with wisdom's laugh
concocted poetry telling us precisely
our future's born in the past

without knowledge of good old struggles
we're nothing beyond blank slates
giving not to future's sincerity
best way to observe and incubate

function over form of life
that brave and simple term berated
gives us intuition, solid foundation
to better learn all knowledge created

Tuesday, September 3, 2013

Artistic Creativity - by Bob Atkinson

Artistic Creativity
(c)2013 Bob Atkinson
who knew systems delineated
to expose our inward style
could produce such worldly mastery
layered like an unending pile

pull one layer from the top
another displayed so sweet
then all good things below our feet
expand fully into our streets

talent's there, I know it
just feel firm in that resolve
suppressed by chains of thought process
which keeps us from our vows

to send our children on their way
with skills we do not have
and give their children pride of purpose
not money for purchase of chattel

The Strength of Mrs Johns - by Bob Atkinson

The Strength of Mrs Johns
(c)2013 Bob Atkinson
in the fall of thirty-three
nearly two hundred years ago
a lady rode a wooden conveyance
sleek muscled boat of sail

upon the lake of Erie
that flowed down to Niagara Falls
she paid her fare and set full sail
for a fast trip to Buffalo

a schooner be a ship of note
on that fabled lake of lore
multi-masted beast of burden
if on land a wagon for loading

she rode upon the water swift
until a gale of force did hard blow
which laid her over on her side
captain's drunk, he didn't know

now if you think Concordia
you'll understand my thoughts
how the crew could abandon ship
and to a passenger have little thought

they did save their cask of rum
and their own butts as they rowed
to land for to lament the fact
that down she didn't go

Mrs Johns stayed in her cabin
five days in periled stance
sometimes so little air to breathe
as the vessel rocked and danced

Captain Wilkins told his peer
Captain Appleby of note
no hope for recovering her body
not here, "away she's floated"

Captain Appleby, her nephew
did want to bury her whole
so he came back with her son
and pumped ship 'till she floated

upright with mast held high
deck and cabin still awash
stairs so full of water wet
they creaked as they were soaked

then to all amazement
up those water filled stairs arose
an intact Mrs Johns
to their astonishment she had shown

five days of hard integrity
not giving up the ghost
she breathed what little air there was
as she had stood upon her toes

Monday, September 2, 2013

Delusions of Grandeur The Poet's Lament - by Bob Atkinson

Delusions of Grandeur
The Poet's Lament
(c)2013 Bob Atkinson

exists in some small minds
their open sense of expression
rates more worthless than a dime

ah, here we have such nonsense
those word simpletons of late
who follow down a winding path
and fail to cerebrate

total lack of purpose
gets under my thin skin
works to send a message
to which I must display chagrin

teaching of incoherent thoughts
which lie not in the proper mood
gives nothing to function of Poetry
shallow intent does not us move

reason for my irritation
on this subject now addressed
we have a distortion of a genre'
which creates a quagmire mess

nobody reads their input
nobody likes their stuff
until the Poetry Establishment
changes gears
we'll tend to lose our lunch

Sunday, September 1, 2013

The Emperor Has No Clothes - by Bob Atkinson

The Emperor Has No Clothes
(c)2013 Bob Atkinson
bright with pomp, circumstance
he stands proud on center stage
apparently anointed king of words
by the queen's simplistic charade

credentials stuffed in a corner
to tell all of his talents strong
what's missing?
semblance of understanding thought

why and where it comes from
what and who creates
that magical transformation
of a mind's internal state

as emotional content of literature
poetry's power does equate
to bombs and bullets of weak minded
those so thoroughly debased

beginning now we'll utilize
all social tools at our command
and begin to plant that growing seed
that produces worthwhile man