Friday, May 31, 2013

Art and the Arts - by Bob Atkinson

Art and the Arts
(c)2013 Bob Atkinson
divergent activities to engage
our minds, or hearts our own half page
with nods we see our created world
engaged forever, banners unfurled

visual art on which we forever gawk
painting, printing and photographs
fill our heads with inner pride
of those with whom we share our ride

construction also deepens thrills
design of buildings, dams and rails
architecture stands unique in spirit
in forces of our wacky essence seeded

song, dance and romance of stage
recording, filming acting strange
we add to feelings of temperament
driving imagination rampant

therein lies our full life quest
build, create and decorate brilliantly
enjoy what's given, contribute some
enhance this region of rising sun

Thursday, May 23, 2013

Genius for Organization via Art - by Bob Atkinson

Genius for Organization
via Art
(c)2013 Bob Atkinson

appreciation over that which gives
a future's utility, mentally pictured
devoting much to artistic endeavors
useful in gaining popular acceptance

acceptance required for alignment
of thoughts and efforts, that verified consignment
understanding feelings of opposition
so progress may advance with meaning

art satisfies broad needs aplenty
salting taffy, like sweetened candy
expanding to what many feels as
representing nothing beyond nonsense

art, itself, conjures cataloged solutions
to practical problems, otherwise elusive
setting tones of formulated evolution
which then become involved and useful

so, when you gaze upon ornate building's with
frescoes, sculptures, watered fountains
all you prior deemed not essential
think of this wondered gift

think not of effort that made them special
but how special allowed co-operation
allowing those who dreamed the dream
to do that for which their hearts had gleamed  

The Art of Social Organization - by Bob Atkinson

The Art of
Social Organization
(c)2013 Bob Atkinson

we can build in systematic fashion
our desires, hopes, our satisfaction
unified body of laws shaped fairly
among our people leveled squarely

military conquest not a factor
our land's enormous, it us can handle
resources provided for our care
lumber, minerals and breathable air

self government's pride expanded
some tossed out as underhanded
tally those who work in earnest
eject the most dishonest persons

acceptance broadly given to
those whose customs we barely use
let freedom ring with broad loud tones
as long as goodwill becomes the norm

external goals to broaden wealth
we climb a ladder of progressed health
for sloth of user's not much tolerance
all who can produce, produce our commerce

cities built of prideful stones
directed construction toward safety devoted
stratification of allowances made not
for felons, pushers and lawless garbage

no, have not the blueprints here
those skills not held within my care
have one purpose delineated to
gather consensus for activity's usage

I see us fail, to this point
to find a rational gathering slogan
let the statement on which we agree
be one of:
"our country,
me for you,
and you for me"

Interpretation - by Bob Atkinson

(c)2013 Bob Atkinson

shallowness prevails
when simple words describe
all the forces in our lives
all of the reasons why

we do as we do
we feel as we feel
describing complex attitudes
requires composite ideals

our process of thoughtful
deliberation, explanation
lie to us when we utilize
even astute observation

they do not, will not, cannot
describe all forces we endure
when adapting to environment
such as reacting to this earth

so if someone tells you
they know all there is to know
ask them if their senses
allowed this information flow

I only know the questions
do not know them well at all
so how the heck can I enjoy
knowing all there is to tell?

Saturday, May 18, 2013

Wobble - by Bob Atkinson

(c)2013 Bob Atkinson

oscillate my mind does
from reality to fear
free from interpretation
no categories established here

craft supposes skills of time
manner same as all before
prodding intellect astute
no remorse, pure laissez-fare

rules of order hereby ignored
in the name of progress good
talent seeking servitude of
the great and powerful wizard

how this situation shakes
beyond these final days
surrender to the unthinkable
or rise up to be enraged

do not know the answer to
this question never asked
just trust no harm's been done permanently
to our ideals which were thus trashed

Sunday, May 12, 2013

Tropes - by Bob Atkinson

(c)2013 Bob Atkinson

presumption drives us ever more
into the world we know and hold
all we feel of natural events
old and new and predicted senses

discerning connections made within
cities where many, many people live
no ice flows melting on tropic isles
whales not swimming on desert sand piles

it's not too stretched to see the point
we feel within us right and wrong
by simple conditioned reflexes made
from experience learned day to day

trope recalls conventions expected
a ship at anchor will sail soon
a kite flies on windy days
a red light means we stop and wait

codes of conduct change in time
as repetition fosters new reorders
when allowed, we find bad habits
become nominal methods practiced

in time these poor wasted ways
mutate our reflexed burdens carried
speech which gives not respect to others
actions carried on disgracing mothers

so, if you think that slip of tongue
is cute or has someone's bell rung
hold that voice you give not civil
don't compose your life with drivel

build your worth on daily actions
smiles, respect and satisfaction
tell your heart you've added to
the good around your bubbled cube

Epistemological, The Legacy of Poetry - by Bob Atkinson

The Legacy of Poetry
(c)2013 Bob Atkinson

Kristin said that word we haven't
ever heard or used ourselves
said we try to teach knowledge
written by the poet's quill

well, Kristin, that's not the point
doesn't enter into the frame of life
of why we do this thing we do
in good form or jumbled piles

poetry's only a method used
a tool for life's hard game
motivation toward action and
understanding one's inner pain

there are some words that agitate
some fill a voided need with love
some move us toward new action
some draw sympathy or fun

some cover up our tendencies
to gloss over what lies deep
in the ocean of our minds
allowing for more peaceful sleep

here we have a wrench that moves
nuts and bolts of our inner mind
to fine tune our methods of living
moving us easily through our times

if poetry gives us strength
or helps us learn a language truly
let's say we've been given a gift
hopefully we'll find it useful

Encanto Park - by Bob Atkinson

Encanto Park
(c)2013 Bob Atkinson

that word best brought to mind
of many years ago, a trip
to a fishing tournament, excited doings
in a park designed for us, the kids

was '34 when those of vision
developed ideas for land revision
to keep cattle away from civilization
adjacent to their downtown diggings

Doris and the Doctor gave
a great deal to this goal
land presented, set aside for good
to help all local children grow

in '57 this child of eight
walked along a lake amazed
wondered at organization devoted
a fishing tournament's arrangements

had no skills in this endeavor
no skills in much at the time
yet saw sophistication of purpose
in how it had all become arranged

the park stands out in memory
part of my childhood life
walking along that waterway
with sun above so bright

only now do I see the vision
of those who assembled pieces
of a lake and sports facility
on the desert's driest mesas

they gave us what we needed when
there wasn't much to shout about
a vision of co-operation good men do
when not caring about themselves

perhaps this thought's
the real enchantment
an idea building in our hearts
a way to prosper, grow together
for peace and gentle arts

Tuesday, May 7, 2013

Pride of Ages - by Bob Atkinson

Pride of Ages
(c)2013 Bob Atkinson
pride soars again in our
fine, fantastic country
heaven sees our follies
peeks out from seas of trouble

guides our gentle hands with love
toward freedom's guarantee
finds my skills of opposition
firm, with sharpened teeth

equal treatment of all who love
their fellow man and woman
sincerely gives us comfort
not senseless control of brothers

no. those guys who send
their friends to pain of losing limbs
don't control my destiny
as will pen them with my pigs

so watch your crafty thoughts
those callous things you do
because my power's grown to live
what I was meant to do

bringing us all to our knees
not possible in this era
my DNA is focused
on challenge of casting mirrors

The Establishment - by Bob Atkinson

The Establishment
(c)2013 Bob Atkinson

I love it when
the establishment gets undone
all their panties in a rolled up bunch
all their words shown insincere
all their ugly precepts not revered

Poe gave us nonsense to blabber
look upon, drool, stoop and lather
allowing those of dubious talent
credentials best used for wiping crevasses

don't think, myself, when given choice
would know what's right in serious discourse
just know what's wrong with closed eye feelings
what's plain,  clichéd, lacking real meaning

Poetry stands straight and tall
as emotional content of learned halls
not confused with dreamed up plots
similes, metaphors and thesaurus rot

flitting, flying, fermenting pictures
fluttering statements devoid of meaning
of Azure skies, rock filled basements
absolute nonsense, irregular pacing

write it so faces you see when reading
show emotional twitches, tweaks, turn red
smiles, yells and laughs not voluntary
applause not simply seduced, or ordinary

only then the power's unleashed
expanded horizons, enhanced freedoms
only then our life evolves superior
to pettiness of thought we've adhered to

Sunday, May 5, 2013

Poemwriters, Not Poets Words, Not Poetry - by Bob Atkinson

Poemwriters, Not Poets
Words, Not Poetry
(c)2013 Bob Atkinson
over and above my trials
extended out for many miles
search I do most frequently
for an explanation holding tea

yes, it's hard to find that which
my heart looks for, an open ditch
holding, directing, a flow of words
toward my cache of nouns and verbs

by this my meaning's been quite clear
I need in desperation some useful phrases
thoughts of which in my understanding
build ramparts and battle flags waving

but no
can't find these words of note
that which living authors recently wrote
they seem to take over vanity presses
wanting rewards for writing messes

perhaps they wish the title cheaply
"Poets" they call themselves not meekly
in my mind, they're "Poemwriters,"
a word which says nothing at all
of quality they've brought into our halls
sheepskins cover them with camo
words denoting their entitlement shallow
merely define actions, not quality of verbs
hold themselves harmless for being brazenly disturbed

so, to those poemwriters of today
I give the challenge, if they can take it
send your words out to the world for free
quit taking what isn't yours to keep

you are not a poet if you don't
give the world much of what you wrote
words upon words of quality value
ideals bequeathed, not held as chattel

The Potency of Words - by Bob Atkinson

The Potency of Words
(c)2013 Bob Atkinson

few powerful winds approach
the potency of words
screaming eagles end their flight
when challenged with our verbs

lions stop their viscous charge
when hand raised and told to stop
bears decide there are some prey
more easily devoured

words contain the ultimate
force of which we're made
they topple foreign governments
with repeated threats of rage

words need in their entirety
containment of these powers
because of uses not sincere
or wrongness of desires

That Tall Illusion - by Bob Atkinson

That Tall Illusion
(c)2013 Bob Atkinson
shows with all we hope for
shows with all we tell
no effervescent outflow
no overflowing wells

teams of warriors marching
teams of willowed lakes
tearing forth the echo
of ages since displaced

a body holds no simple form
can't describe in easy terms
how we've come to be here
with open, descriptive words

know not where we came from
no way to see that truth
experience and thought not present
of ages past, rehearsed

we only feel the slot inside
where our feelings go
when we insert a memory
or desire to fill our ego

glory, adventure, conquest
send fierce message down our spine
kill the one who conflicts
with our inner pride

craved by our self description
the life force asks us to
survive in ways we don't understand
making destruction our new duty

one force asks for aggressive tactics
one asks for gentleness
one feeds the fires of shallowness
one puts us squarely on the path

to what we could call civilized
if we learn to control that impulse
which seizes our small intellect
and produces warlike conflict

Good Intent - by Bob Atkinson

Good Intent
(c)2013 Bob Atkinson

a new tale of recovery dawned
within worldly sprouted seeds
as all hate that went before us
became dead or dying screams

taking or giving strength
old sayings, no matter which
tall words seem to shrink in form
when openness became tight lipped

if willingness ended tomorrow
would timidness become supreme
when walking through sad nonsense
causing slimy ooze to squeeze

took my chances in the force
although battle did avoid
when fights raged overseas
between control, impulsive order

sadness filled the open mind
while there, way underneath
a pride developed in my heart
as if of the elite

suit they gave me fit as though
was a gentleman of first order
winds of war irrelevant when
pride established, restored, sorted

saw the gun as not an answer
to the ills of men in fights
many had felt the power
as it brutally ended life

here on this home front quiet
a storm raged among those who had
not the idea of what they said
just foolish attitudes, slogans, slang

breaking underneath the tide
of sand and windswept shores
all heck broke loose within the lives
of many lacking purposeful morals

although participated in events
couldn't tell how they all went down
smoking cities of emptiness burned
when brought by a hammer down

onto those souls of disposition
ones with their egos bent beyond
a u-shaped carcass of stupidity
bad force, good intent, but dumb

E.T. - by Bob Atkinson

(c)2013 Bob Atkinson

twenty four hours in the day
gives adequate time for us to dream
while those who work disagree
on where and when we'll find E.T.

same discussion as in the past
same old feelings, frozen laughter
E.T.'s small, green and sappy
big brain, not too firmly built
muscles atrophied

talks to his friends by brain waves
simple gestures, fingers long, knobby made
here, in our current mental state
we don't see what's outside our gate

question remains simple to ask
is there life out there beyond our mask
can there, should there, will there be
someone more complicated than we

I look at these unanswered questions
who's the best to show us direction
who can tell what we are asking
what's the truth, please tell me brashly

only question now in my heart
only feelings in my centered part
here and now the important question
why am I not out in the sun basking