Thursday, November 22, 2012

I Have Known Victory by Bob Atkinson

I Have Known Victory

(c)2012 Bob Atkinson

have known victory in my travels
have known defeat in battles fought
have climbed the mountain to the top
have floated on the sea with bright foam froth

have shot through the air as cannonballs
far above the highest clouds white and pale
allowed by the quick wit of those whom
I've read of their good life's tales

have seen the kindest passions
have seen men and women doing deeds
in their quest to assist other hands
an unselfish race to heaven's scenes

have seen them rebuilding cities
which blew to rubble in hard gales
making the cold warm again
new houses for survivors to dwell

no matter how each feels
some find a way to feed the hearts
of those with outstretched needs
and pockets full of dust

have seen the ones who hurt their kin
zombies of the saddest hardness
causes meanness deep inside their being
one way ticket to hell's acid garden

perhaps the good which sees us all
as one family, no matter our beliefs
can temper power hungry souls
keep them from being mean