Monday, July 30, 2012

Billy Flynn by Bob Atkinson

Billy Flynn
(c)2012 Bob Atkinson

flying through the skies upon
those metal and plastic ships
Billy threw caution boldly to
hard strong prevailing winds

he sailed upon the waters
of blue and green and red
threw his arms around the world
as if in a firm fixed trance

Flynn knew all the angles
knew the rules alright
knew troubles could be brewed
for those not smart, farsighted

dove into the deep ocean
saw whales as large as ships
canyons deep beyond one's dreams
pinnacles built high with basalt cliffs

saw peaks of Hawaii's mountains
largest volcanoes on this planet
fall down slope into what was
depths which now held highlands
waves broke over dry land
washed out some wicked mores
drew upon the hills a shoreline
false beach as tides restored

let this remain a lesson
for those who do not seek
to plan for all unusual events
originating from the sea

to sit and brood about what we
do not have, only that we covet
places us in a category substandard of
those not deserving progress's pleasures

easier to get off our backsides
start working hard within
our minds and bodies establishing
that which we can be proud of as men

tearing down what others built
keeps our pride false in its bottle
we smirk with contentment while
a world laughs at our inner troubles

Billy knew all these facts
tried to wave a flag for attention
without co-operation swam against
his cousin's greed and bad senses

Billy must leave this place
the water has grown cold
mother stands there with a towel
to dry her baby boy

Monday, July 23, 2012

Arizunea by Bob Atkinson


(c)2011 Bob Atkinson
rocky country, full rich soil
rivers sandy through which flow
waters from the higher lands,
pine forests are plenty, full of game

mineral wealth of some great note
copper, silver and some gold
timber, fields of domestic crops
watered by channels cut in stone

peoples who have been here long
yet in this place had not been born
are selfish in their claim of country
fussing, fighting, spoofing divinity

these lands upon which one can see
valleys far, not devoid of trees
carved as if by floods and winds
pyramids too, carved by men

belong to no one they are free
land deeds simply decree
a truce in the war for fixed resources
you can use it, won't fight you for it

to claim a country for all time
seems senseless, never justified
ones who were here when others came
conquered those of previous fame

no innocence of that
can be claimed that is fact
all who live where they do
live on conquered land they use

cycle goes on forever
stops only when we see as one
a people who can embrace change
by sharing with others their own name

giving to all part of the glory
not prideful, selfish, ever woeful
satisfied have done their best
upon good honor they can rest

Foul Mouthed Maiden by Bob Atkinson

Foul Mouthed Maiden

(c)2012 Bob Atkinson

she sang a song of innocence
not purity of lifetime exposure
but of that thoughtful nature
thinking long of how life evolves

presentation to strangers
of an image incorrectly made
which shows lack of sophistication
no character, slowly baked

swims backward along the flow
ignoring trained thought processes
lacks checks upon her do's and don'ts
that which the literate professes

deadens any obvious intricacy
takes away that aura of intent
of cultivated, trained intellect
removes all possibility of respect

respect for judgment made
that simple form of cover
balancing our demons with
our super bright discoveries

words chosen for shock effect
or inclusion in a peer group
carry with them costs associated
with unwanted nasty moods

cursing with a foul mouthed tongue
taking all you have that's civil
and throwing it to the moon
turns your thoughts to drivel

Art D'cor by Bob Atkinson

Art D'cor
(c)2012 Bob Atkinson

many times do I feel
my eyes fall softly upon
a pleasant colored masterpiece
framed with skill or useful form

that chef d'oeuvre created
to please millions of eyes
when looked upon quite closely
ebbs in the nonsense tide

lack of training in good schools
no details drawn with pride
only allusion to good value
no expression in the eyes

faces drawn, no complexity
do the artists paint with skill
shaped with imagined style
colors brighter than are real

in other words I see these works
as something of a lesser art
though beautiful may they be
are they really something smart?

so, in order to begin discussion
those artists feelings to not hurt so badly
created a category apart and distinct
for all art I feel not masterly

Art D'cor will be the name
we'll assign to this construction
when abstract, without trained brush
or when we find most talent lacking

not that these pieces don't have
a place within our lives, they surely do
enhance, by love, our life's experience
when coming in to fullest view

good decorations needed always
add so much pleasure to our lives
these shapes which please us fully
only with a quick passing by

our full concentration not required
need not study these images for long
aren't meant for broad analysis
merely for our minds' adornment

fine art, on the other hand
requires study of all its parts
holding strong emotional ties
by tugging forever at our hearts

some would argue with energy
that the King wears new clothes
some would say he's naked
his weakness now exposed

have shown my dated preference
which, of course, is mine alone
some love what seems abstract 
abstract cuts some to the bone

Poet, Poet, Poet the Poem of Poetry, by Bob Atkinson

Poet, Poet, Poet,
the Poem of Poetry

(c)2012 Bob Atkinson

purpose, purpose, purpose
seems mostly obvious today
doesn't matter why you write
just that you have your say

history, yes, that's real adventure
reason enough to write down words
provides documentation of feelings
about prior events that had occurred

describing art begins another
aspiration for locutions penned
stories told of paintings brushed
or photos framed with grins

descriptions of your favorite movies
by a poetic dance of sounds
chronicled with good knowledge of
plots and character actions grounded

well, that's a subject we love
can write stories about the games
how our pitcher in a situation
won, or lost out on lasting fame

trials of those who seem
not too bright in their approach
or the wonderful friends who leave
hearts deep within one's throat

here we have opportunity supreme
expanding nature's gift of language
telling our stories to those hereafter
so they'll know why we acted

those effects of mother nature's power
earthquakes, hurricanes and tornadoes
floods by rain, volcano's shaking
stars twinkling, streaking, impacting

that wild and woolly surprise of life
which seems so strange to us now
gives fodder for our hearts to tell
how we didn't see it coming down

initiation of accomplishments
both in honor and disgraced form
telling tales of how we can prepare
avoiding broad future pain or scorn

you can add your own to these
reasons to write down life's chronology
giving records enhanced descriptions
telling stories to those following

we leave something of our lives
descriptions of emotional moods
objects of our sorrows meant
to explain devoted servitude

fully depicting quirky behavior
acceptance by our peers of fate
going a long way to the moon
or stopping at those open gates

observing new dimensions deeply
through hard work and honest thought
sharing emotions with our peers
could be what we're all about

Water by Bob Atkinson


(c)2012 Bob Atkinson

sweet smell of summer winds
blowing storms up from the bay
carry with them rain for us
to brighten up our day

some would see a bother to
sweep leaves and clean up mud
we see this fluid as divine
something we all love

look out upon the hillsides
last week they were all bare
today the green pervades as such
soft bundles of grassy hair

we dream of jungles wild with water
wild animals there to drink
the cool sweet taste of H20
upon both tongue and lips

Saturday, July 21, 2012

Fadtastic Today, Dragtastic Tomorrow by Bob Atkinson

Fadtastic Today,
Dragtastic Tomorrow

(c)2012 Bob Atkinson

Fads becomes fadistic things
when the new becomes the norm
funny how people “not with it”
are at first sadly scorned

fads garner action reflexes
to adopt that marked taste good
by all who crave appreciation
of their like minded group

free will does not enter into
this empirical equation
no desire on one's part can
reverse deed through contemplation

quite an interesting set of rules
we have here on our chest
that which allows us not
to always select the best

that tattoo on your arm today
or that one on your butt
might signify your inclusion
to that group of good taste pawns

tomorrow will be different
you'll be seen as that old bag
or the old dude with the arm
covered with needle candy

one with tattoos all over
"no markings does youth have”
is scorned as you did your brothers
who thought first, then moved on

here and in the future
keep your judgments rightly made
by decisions based on action
morality and good sense of taste

it's not what the others see in you
it's what you see in yourself
to mimic what the rest do
carries penalties of pure hell

as in the now and current
or with that secret tool
nobody finds that lengthened mood
which settles long term good

like some monkey on a rope
there is no honor in submission
to strange deeds by rote memory
not seeking astute composition 
(think before you leap)

they do not our life enhance
directions of form and function
tearing goodness from our page
we laugh at their sweet nothings

we seek an approving eye
pushing us toward the same emotions
the flock of birds swimming with
their brothers and their sister ducklings

school of sardines which must
align directions for life's sake
swimming in that circle
which their life constrains

but we, as the higher order
can keep our decisions free and clear
by force of intellect devoted
to what's correct and sincere

cookie stamping a generation
making one just like the other
saddens creativity quickly
by smothering what's discovered

in minutes, not a long time
these keepers of the style
have their candles used up
and frowns made of their smiles

you're seen as “the old game”
with that funny style of yuck
you settle into the burden
of the aged frumps

free will means more to us
that a wink of someone's eye
who never has good purpose
in pushing that new style

Thursday, July 19, 2012

the Consensus by Bob Atkinson

the Consensus
(c)2010 Bob Atkinson

there were not words spoken
while the fire crackled and spat
the men of hard decisions
upon their blankets sat

it was a council of the brave
the warriors who had won
the right to be there by
deft use of their guns

which way was the band to go
was the question they were asked
each was to say his own part
and give nod to what would pass

now, each had in his mind
all his personal objectives
not those of the group
or the needs of relatives

so when the spoken word came out
it was not for the group's good
it was the selfish nature of
each man as he stood

Tucson, the Poet's Dream by Bob Atkinson

Tucson, the Poet's Dream
(c)2012 Bob Atkinson

come back to my birthplace
or, within a hundred miles of it
a lifetime spent in struggle daily
for that dollar which to spend

Tucson carries to your soul
that calm artistic feeling
broad mountains ringing valleys
saguaros standing neatly
art gallery at the airport
or Covington if you need
more than Etherton's offerings
or maidens' Letter reading
art and history museums
Tucson Museum of Art 
a zoo to prick your mind
Tucson Zoo
showing fine accomplishments
of that deity, yours or mine
a university well respected
a college on each corner
Pima Community College
scientists in their labs exploring
astronomy or spatial formats
Kitt Peak National Observatory 

cultures diverse in order
from south and east and north
some came here from China, or
from Africa's west center coast
Bently's for a slam with those
who woo you with their words
telling tales of the malcontent
Cafe' Passe's crowd if you choose

TSO rings beauty in your ears
a laugh at Gaslight's table
plays become Invisible
with Workshop's good creations
Invisible Theatre 
Live Theatre Workshop 

here in the land of dreams
my dream stands next to you
soft sands of time slip by as
one documents inward moods

Monday, July 16, 2012

Ships, Trains and Planes by Bob Atkinson

Ships, Trains and Planes”

© 2009 Bob Atkinson

Years ago weren't many
adventures I wouldn't do
youth has its own desires
free will has super powers
over you

but wanderlust and bravery
weren't good it seemed
if you didn't have imagination
to travel through your dreams

so I went on the road to see
adventure, love and identity

but ships trains and planes
brought me home
settled me down some
then let me go

again on a whirlwind tour
of rented cars and strange boudoirs
those ships, trains and planes
would bring me home

ships, trains and planes
brought me home
carried me back
where I belonged

set me up and stood me right
here on my doorstep again at night
yes, ships trains and planes
brought me home

Parthenon stood upon the hill
bazaar was busy, full of thrills
green skeleton of Paris was
and always is a thing of awe
Prague's bridge had much to hold
near cobblestone streets of old

in Bavaria there was a town
Munchen clean, subway a dream
clock upon the tower
cross the street
on cobblestones neat
to Jack's sweater shower

ships, trains and planes
brought me home,
carried me back
where I belonged

set me up and stood me right
here on my doorstep again at night
yes, ships trains and planes
brought me home

later, when I no longer roamed
the mind passed over times of old
gave meaning to things we did
when we were hard to hold

and now.....
Ships, trains and planes
left me home
they no longer carry me
away from where I belong

years ago they
set me up and stood me right
here on my doorstep again at night
yes ship, trains and planes
left me home

Legion of Honor by Bob Atkinson

Legion of Honor

(c)2012 Bob Atkinson

honor and country as bells ringing truly
through our established public and personal duties
show us forever the corps d'elite
who find kind methods to impact their peoples

appreciation of merit so long overdue
forcefully identifies those looked up to
ones who progress all that we are
from bottom to top of that lidded jar

not to be confused with nobility's reign
no count, baron, sainthood or king
just ones within villages born into life
who love goodness much better than strife

these legions belong in recorded notes
as ones who stepped forward, ones we can quote
without reflection, shame, or simple remorse
always with good heart, no hidden purpose

ones who held country above all the rest
above simple dogma of right or left
ones who let feelings of love show through
spread without trauma or milktoastian views

ones who diverted all that was said
to goodness for all broad progress of man
not pitting one against his brother
not killing in horror those godless fellows

but simple reflection on social order
that which we see as illogically scrambled
truth of conviction set forth with pride's power
working with all men not satisfied with conflict

when good intentions turn into fact
when devotion of love matters when acted
upon with fierce pride rather than thought
of kindness, purpose and love with good heart

only then shall we see our potential achieved
our cities built cleanly, constructed quite neatly
our lives not hidden, transparent as glass
morality sincere, exploits with honor enacted

Saturday, July 14, 2012

The Basis For Ethical Behavior by Bob Atkinson

The Basis For Ethical Behavior
(c)2012 Bob Atkinson

falling out of favor
we view our brothers who
look only to the possible
rather than what rings true

behavior modifies with time
that well known observation
we tend to go with the flow
not an astute revelation

we see in recent history
or history of all time
those who view basic truth
as something not divine

change attitude by wind direction
they change it for simple effect
not seeing pride develop fully
as one good point of fact

argue points disordered
from that selfish view
what is in it for myself,
what can I take from you?”

this sells their honor cheaply
honor is so hard to get
when espousing beliefs based
fully on those selfish whims

question's not how much to take
how much to sponge from others,
question's where do we give?
getting pride for good accomplished

Wednesday, July 11, 2012

Yellow, Black, White and Brown Stars Forever by Bob Atkinson

Stars and Stripes Forever
(c)2012 Bob Atkinson
forever we have soldiered on
beyond battles for all to see
bravery and willingness displayed
to idolize our country's dreams

saved for humanity, a partnership
that which we created strong
a way of life delivering pride
in culture and diverse throngs

we see a world of harmony
a life with quiet progress
building new horizons bold
not exploding us to darkness

from south, from north
from east and west
from countries far and near
they came to find a better way
found new friends right here

a mixture of ideas and stories
those who traveled far agreed
to bring to us all their energies
melding with our father's dreams

mold it all to a country proud
one which was by all made
to become that bold life's story
of history's proudest page

and if we ever fight again
pray we fight with all mankind
on our side, no enemies
as we have seen the signs

our enemies become our friends
so we sit down to peace again
sharing all we are given
giving all to them we can

of progress with our brothers
no fighting against those opposed
who are a little different from us
battle flags will fly no more

we see a world of harmony
a life with quiet progress
building new horizons bold
not exploding us to darkness

Friday, July 6, 2012

The God Particle by Bob Atkinson

The God Particle

(c)2012 Bob Atkinson

search you will, within the soup
for something to explain
all those strange happenings
in the realm of physic's game

if you haven't noticed
the world most rigid isn't
a blob of jelly vibrates
all ways as you stand in it

illusion holds all still for us
so we can function rightly
progresses from infantile to mature
sometimes, you might say smugly

run your hand across your eyes
you see it disappear from sight
this principle becomes ingrained
to our ears and wondering eyes

ever moving in and out
with us, then against
all we are, all we see
and all we feel progresses

vibrating at a pace unknown
moving far, to and fro unseen
our world gets viewed as normal
an illusion of solid, stable dreams

becomes a shaken world encased
all matter to all else tied
stretched by this moving mass
density of plastic does subside

ever wonder why light
goes not faster than light speed
well, here in this open space
you have a container not empty

imagine the sun vibrating
stretching out its gases
all entwined within its sphere
as our planets it encompasses

all of this stretched matrix
that fabric interwoven
all that is, and all that will be
all that's yours and mine

goes from here to there so fast
reduces pressure by quick movement
all things fall in to fill the void
our future, our past accomplishments

low pressure produces movement
toward this void of density created
our world grabs the tornado
as if pulled toward God's creation

energy is simple movement
from one vibration location to the next
caught within the vortex
of our world with which we're carried

works by grabbing at the form
in one location, time and space
electrons are the transition
from one place to the next

as we move from one side
of that side to the other
how far it is, we don't know
but not invisible to us forever