Thursday, May 31, 2012

Tunnel Rats by Bob Atkinson

 Tunnel Rats

(c)2012 Bob Atkinson

rather than scar the land
why don't we dig below
follow tunnels we can build
build walls like hard packed snow

allowing us to shape our world
for our peculiar needs
in lengths extended for miles
wide but not too deep

seems we settle temporary
upon soil that's packed by nature
not building cities of usefulness
just up, not from here to there

up has no purpose
it doesn't settle those
problems of commuting
from our well warmed homes

up just doesn't do it
means well, but causes grief
scars the land with glass and steel
and forms not so unique

connect we can these linear
cities on magnets no wheels
flowing over top of us, swoosh
stopping directly where is needed

follow grace and conscience
people on moving chair lifts
twenty minutes travel max
from anywhere to here

would take time to build them
have to hire those who craft
all things needed to make the living
comfortable in their new pads

would have to pay the wages
from profits we'd accrue
by selling to those wise men
merchants and bankers too

and oh, there would be taxes
from wealth created such
so many workers working hard
have to build a larger box

to carry all these coins
to pay off all old debts
giving to the past our thanks
for saving the best for last

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