Tuesday, May 15, 2012

Oh, Mister Poe by Bob Atkinson

Oh, Mister Poe

(c)2012 Bob Atkinson

you say a poem cannot be long
we should not allow its length
to go beyond one's attention span
to keep one out of breath

then Mister Poe would you define
what is a poem now and ever?
and give us sense of balance
benefit of your know how's intentions

you say that poems must elevate
the emotions of the heart
and cannot, will not maintain
this useful tool for long

well that is quite a statement
how do you know this fact?
when all that really matters is
understanding why we all react

react to the inflation of our minds
of dispositions beyond our hearts
artful choice of words depicted can
carry on those old tradition's progress

you seem to infer utility
in shortness of words and lines
claiming long and drawn out works
never serve, but cloud our minds

you believe your first read
conflicts with your last
stressing good now perceived
and good things have gone bad

if we continue on your path
if we follow you again to meddle
we'll find no one to read our thoughts
no one will understand our private hell

how we felt when we did
those deeds we performed of late
how we saw ourselves as men
or women if that's our fate

you do not see the broader world
that which I ever profess
in it function triumphs over form
when the subject of poetry we address

since you died, there has been much
written and labeled such without
credentialed locks of names applied
or emotional content grounded

within the name of poetry
for some the name has stuck
to mean trite, useless phrases
contained within a vanity book

because of this you professed
because they followed your name
poetry has lost its pride and purpose
been trumped by other games

because of all you attacked
some have grabbed your form
and forgotten what in history
had been the steady norm

...the azure sky hovered over
the deep and dark blue sea.....”
this cliched phrase gives my example
of why you missed the meaning

of poetry that subtle form
of words that do equate
to all we leave behind to others
of our described emotional state

so Mister Poe, please come back
and dine on your fateful words
so that when I mention poetry
to others, they won't smirk

there is so much to document
our feelings should be heard
so that solid meanings to our lives
can be related and observed

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