Monday, October 17, 2011

200 mph by Bob Atkinson

 Video of Katherine Legge's crash 
Road America

Another Interview
More guts than most of us !!!

(C)2007 Bob Atkinson

two hundred miles per hour
we ain't seen top speed yet
flying through the ess curves
track dry, or wet

feeling tires spinning
hearing motors' high pitched whine
pushing faster, always
to the front of the line

we're just a small band of heroes
our fame is forever known
how we'll hit the wall at 180
and still be ready to go

we see in speed a challenge
we hear our egos roar
as loudly as the motors
produced in mass by Ford

it's not such a little thing
to see the poles go by
as streaks instead of fingers
reaching high for the sky

it's not to win that keeps our fear
from crushing us like broken gear
we see ourselves breaking bonds
of Newton's Laws and Einstein's thoughts

no longer in a world set still
where quiet pauses cannot thrill
we need the feel of acceleration
to feed our desire and expectations

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