Monday, December 12, 2011

The Need by Bob Atkinson

The Need

(c)2011 Bob Atkinson

the need we feel in our hearts
to gather all our good parts
and spread that ever far and wide
exposes to all our best side

this need, it shames us sometimes still
frustrates us much when we feel
we're not as loving as we'd wish
should take and savor more of that dish

surely devoid of satisfaction
in this era of sour inaction
we must assess our direction
better selections toward progression

cities built with thought in mind
how one moves from side to side
how we all gather to
enjoy each others' better moods

we sit so long on our padded ends
when there is much work to be done
dividing energies into those efforts
that produce the most good treasures

need be the call of today
shout not at others that they are wrong
build always a partnership of song
working together for the good of all

Tuesday, November 29, 2011

Christmas by Candle Light by Bob Atkinson

Candle Light

(c)2011 Bob Atkinson

wax dripping, light waving
dancing memories in your heart
the candles flicker brightly
as you're darning your socks

tree lights ablaze
as thoughts re-appear
from old times, were good times
we've put on many years

tree lights of ages
past youth's active stages
done all the dreams
we set out to do

tree lights bring memories
of people gone from your life
through death and moving on
into others' lives

was good those things
we did together, and apart
building that good life
and never having wants

now it is over
all we have left
are flames from the candle
hope we did our best

tree lights ablaze
as thoughts re-appear
from old times, were good times
we've put on the years

tree lights of ages
past youth's active stages
done all the dreams
we set out to do

Monday, November 14, 2011

Arizona Poet Laureate by Bob Atkinson

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Arizona Poet Laureate
(c)2011 Bob Atkinson
they saw the need for moderation
in the daily thoughts of men
some deep reflective deliberation
to draw us together as friends

search they did for that which
becomes oh so hard to find
common ground for progress
which feeds the needs of all kinds

support for those issues
which lay behind our times
comes slowly when divisiveness
brings a sudden call to arms

if directed toward the past
we see others perform
those actions in a context
so very close to ours

hindsight's a map available to us
as we move through lifetime's trials
if we choose to absorb the lessons
of history from our fathers' writings

haven't we come beyond
that old selfish outlook
to a point where we can satisfy  
our egos without mortal conflict?  

Saturday, November 12, 2011

Building Harmony by Bob Atkinson

Building Harmony

(c)2011 Bob Atkinson

bring in effort, bring in organization
bring in need, assemble resources
move together as if one being
satisfying everyone's needs

carry on if you will
about this or that wrong action
protest, fight or just delay
progress as an example

what you do with your discord
is discordant in the least
and carries no real virtue
to all peoples on the street

raising ire of rank and file
by blame and character assassination
shames the ones who do this deed
and destroys their useful contribution

without the charity given to others
that some profess to seek
one cannot build a machine of people
that moves us toward a peak

don't tell me how my civilization
is wrong in its approach to commerce
then tear it down without shame
giving not a substitute in the bargain

those who steal the cohesive form
from that which has been built
gain nothing for their peers
but shame and discontent

some sit back and blame others
for that which has not been done
while holding the useless in high esteem
those who sit upon their buns

carry not the temperament
of one who always cries
about what others do or don't do
while lying on one's backside

effort gives us a stake in the game
power comes from doing actions
not as we see others mimic the productive
by undoing normal transactions

false power emanates from destruction
as an illusion, not a rational force
destiny of man always proceeds
in due time with a direct course

all building together in harmony
not promoting emotional discontent
gathers us together as one
for everyone's betterment

in changing course of everyone
toward some united point
the waters no longer fight our progress
but rise and shoot us downhill

all flow moves toward our goal
all thoughts are of a kind
all wages paid fairly
every building built shines

we find we no longer need to cry
about what we do not have
because those things 
that mean the most
glow inward and are expanded

Sunday, November 6, 2011

The Three Way War by Bob Atkinson

The Three Way War

(c)2011 Bob Atkinson

the blue fought the gray
bare skin fought them both
the blue fought the bare skin
the gray did so also

as scissors covers paper
as paper covers stone
as stone breaks scissors
the southwestern conflict
continued on and on

civilians of all three kinds
were killed outright or sent packing
while the two opposing armies
fought in the east
within prescribed battles

the natives of this land
fought and died for it
for all the time they'd been here
was not a new occurrence

they had a different nature
independence was their game
no collective reflex here
rattled through their brains

they did not see a need
for reliance upon each other
they couldn't think as coyotes did
unless they had good leaders

a leader such as Red Sleeves
who organized the lot
keeping forces together
while freeing them from hunger

on the two other sides
were subordinated wants
to the “good of the whole”
not the “good of the one”

ideals of a higher nature
whether right or wrong
drove the blue and gray
in their battles all day long

they felt a kinship not appealing
to those both sides fought
no right or wrong in these decisions
only what “God had wrought”

so, three sides who looked to “God”
for guidance in their acts
did that which was abhorrent
to one's thoughts while sitting back

easy it is to condemn
those living in those conditions
while viewing from a different time
what had been thoughtful decisions

was not without rational motives
actions were proposed
although in hindsight barbarity
is open and exposed

when seeing with different eyes
situations never felt
or deeds required for survival
of one's people and one's children

they merely dealt the deck of life
they had been born into
doing that which seem so normal
to only those they knew

wild men of different clothing
blue, gray or bare skin
fought and died as they believed
was best for them and their kin

and they prayed to the holy deity
the one they believed was best
while sending to the enemy
thoughts of violent conquest

were justified in their actions
by stating loudly for all to hear
theirs was the “Good Everlasting”
which belonged only to their peers

Monday, October 17, 2011

the Good Guys vs the Bad Guys

The Good Guys
The Bad Guys

(c)2011 Bob Atkinson

the good guys fought the bad guys
or was it the other way around
the mean ones fought the nice ones
I think that's how it's done

or is it that the ones who lied
pushed at their neighbor's door
and took to them a battle bloody
because they were overly bored

not happy with their station
they needed a smart ruse
to keep the peoples' eyes upon
something other than the news

yes, they were most insincere
taking all they could of treasure
from the banks that held the loot
monies destined for the better

this meant new roads
could not be built
no water for to drink
or spark to light the dark night
candles would have to do it

seemed the ones
who grabbed the power
from those who had abused
the position they had gotten
when the army helped them to

take charge from those who had
shot the ones in government
and murdered all of those who could
their supremacy challenge a bit

if this tale of regret
confuses you between the ears
and causes you to scratch your head
buddy, I'm with you through the years

I have no recommendation
as to what is next to make
in the order of this battle
which is a complex case

no simple salutation
can right now be made
the salutes go at different angles
to those who this game played

I hear we're sending troops
to straighten this mess out
and give support to the good guys
if they ever can be found

200 mph by Bob Atkinson

 Video of Katherine Legge's crash 
Road America

Another Interview
More guts than most of us !!!

(C)2007 Bob Atkinson

two hundred miles per hour
we ain't seen top speed yet
flying through the ess curves
track dry, or wet

feeling tires spinning
hearing motors' high pitched whine
pushing faster, always
to the front of the line

we're just a small band of heroes
our fame is forever known
how we'll hit the wall at 180
and still be ready to go

we see in speed a challenge
we hear our egos roar
as loudly as the motors
produced in mass by Ford

it's not such a little thing
to see the poles go by
as streaks instead of fingers
reaching high for the sky

it's not to win that keeps our fear
from crushing us like broken gear
we see ourselves breaking bonds
of Newton's Laws and Einstein's thoughts

no longer in a world set still
where quiet pauses cannot thrill
we need the feel of acceleration
to feed our desire and expectations

Two Twenty Five

Two Twenty Five
(c)2011 Bob Atkinson

Thirty four were in the field
scattering the wind
around the oval circuit
twelve laps after it began

up front there was a tussle
tires had argued much
over their place in this universe
which had more power to push

many had been there sitting
with their faces toward the sun
living an exciting day
settled in for a long run

but over there a problem came
shooting flames like large rockets
twisting, turning pieces of
what became man made coffins

the driver was from Canada
saw the smoke alright
and tried to slow not to become
one of those in flight

there behind another ran
his foot upon the pedal
that kept the powerful machine
in the race for medals

tire mounted tire
just like bull elephants
they squealed as if it was a fight
a contest for supreme dominance

up he flew, the champion
into the air he rose
at two hundred mph
into the fence he dove

parts scattered over many yards
flames shooting in the air
and the life of one brave person
simply ended there

Sunday, October 16, 2011

the Dark Poet by Bob Atkinson

The Dark Poet

(c)2011 Bob Atkinson

sliding through the end game
over and above
all seasons of the good times
into the club she'd come

gliding softly always
alcohol on her breath
not so much she couldn't see
or go out to meet with friends

was to be a night of poetry
performance by her peers
throwing emotions at the crowd
doing their best to bring cheers

her turn would come
in time they'd hear
what she'd written today
about those little children
and their miserable wicked ways

she brought to them her best stuff
to wow all in their minds
and tear at their emotional ties
by her psycho-semantic chimes

she wore much lace
there flowed a cape
away from her soft back
boots of black laced to the top
nearly to her sweet kneecaps

then came her turn to perform
in her own defining way
the poetry of emotion
always best of the day

the speaker called her up to 
the podium with starlight shining down
as if she were suspended
way far above the ground

she begins her set from a trance
nobody of her likeness
the way she moved as if she were
motivated by thunder and lightning

the lady of the darkness”
to the rolling of the drums
began the thunder of her delivery
as she had always done

she gave her dissertation
on the subject called “Love”
as drums chanted a melodic beat
to swell and shrink the heart

on she went until the eyes
of all were fixed on her
then she ended it with a slam
which brought the room to tears

Those Who by Bob Atkinson

Those Who

(c)2011 Bob Atkinson

those who prayed were secure
in where their meals came from
and tasted wine when they wished
and savored warm bread buns

seemed a good endeavor
a roof over one's head
a place to pray and ponder
and give all of mind and heart

those who fought were not sure
their lives would continue on
but knew their place in a battle
and gave all, 'cause was their job

those that toiled did so always
for they had no other choice
but starve even more than now
or be struck with whip or posted

choice ran simple as the wind
always out of mind
was not something to be pondered
in their savaged lives

no way to change their lot in life
at night they could relax
and rest as best they could
until daylight brought them back

to the efforts sincerely made
to the hard part of strife
while thinking nothing of the cost
it took from their shackled lives

by the fire when wood was gathered
and burned for some warmth
and cooking meals of meager value
scant meat and vegetables in broth

little had they now to eat
not important to the ones
who held title to the land
and controlled the acts of armies

was a mean and wicked life
no softness around their lot
just worked until their bodies
gave out and sunk in plots

sometimes, a holiday was declared
good for a moment's rest
of parade, pomp and ceremony
giving reason for body to bathe

because they didn't know
a different way of life
gave little thought to their lot
just thanked god for what they'd got

so there in a situation
we could have been born into
others knew hard ways of life
difficult for us to view

would they have traded with us
their position or their status
would they have said our souls lack meaning
and felt really bad for us

Technology by Bob Atkinson


(c)2011 Bob Atkinson

the inventor had perfected
a machine of many uses
easily able to out produce
what the hands of men
had done

so simple a situation
seems no more thoughts in order
about this latest happening
of progress causing disorder

but tradition had been broken
change had come to those
who looked upon the old ways
for meaning in their hearts

their years of hard work doing
a quick and proper job
giving all they could to it
were ended and forgotten

pride it gave to their lives
disappeared in a flash
of binding gears and stamping sounds
as more product was amassed

more people could buy the lots
and use the newer things
while unappreciative of their nature
because they weren't expensive

and those who had toiled
for years at the bench
while making things with their hands
knew their lives had ended

no longer were they paid
for that which could be made
by machines so fast the gears did spin
endless products newly made

Friday, October 14, 2011

Fire and Blood by Bob Atkinson

Fire and Blood

(c)2011 Bob Atkinson

so many things had changed
here in the land of sun
so many of the old ways
had been silenced and were gone

so many of the wise stories
old men told at the fire
became a distant echo
not alive, yet sill admired

from beyond the mountains
came a band of the wildest men
who knew not compassion
for those not of their breeding

so many things had been taken
from within their hearts
that they chose not to allow themselves
concern for others' suffering

they took, which was the natural way
they hurt those that they could
they burned what they didn't take
or need for their own food

it was an act of desperation
it was justice in their minds
it was revenge, from a time
before civilization arrived

a primal act which justified
all the bad things they did
and kept their minds clear
of any shame or guilt

who is to judge what others do
who is to say what's right?
who is to give voice of sorrow to
what others feel inside?

I only know it isn't far
the buffer that divides
my being a good and kindly person
from my barbaric side

Wednesday, October 12, 2011

the Ship on a Rock by Bob Atkinson

The Ship on a Rock

(c)2011 Bob Atkinson

she lay there in the ocean
bow firmly on the rocks
leaking oil from her tanks
dropping overboard packaged cargos

so sad a well used hull of beauty
would be so under stress
that her master couldn't help
her float with pride again

pristine sand of beaches
and life attached to them
were fouled by the discharge
of the oils used by man

to extend his power over life
to give him more strength than the form
of a small, weak and spindly body
would normally command

surely in many years
the damage that had been done
would mitigate itself through time
perhaps after man has gone

after changes to the land
to the sea and air
to the heavens with shooting stars
made of plastic and titanium

after the radiation
would thoroughly dissipate
and leave behind new DNA
some good, some bad, some strange

so is it such a sad story
of the crashing on the rocks
of steel plate welded
to sides and horizontal bottom?

will the beauty of this ship
sink beneath the waves
and become a monument
to that which we tried and failed?

to fail to try would be the shame
to have given in to hardship
of circumstances stacking decks
against the pride of men's accomplishments

without a struggle of any kind
without the good fight we give
no trace of us would ever stay
upon land, sea or far off space

here in these circumstances
into which we were thrown
to progress beyond our little lives
and leave proof we were strong

requires risk to our small planet
seems like suicide
to kill that which gives us life
but is it that unwise?

death of our greatness
would be the sadder tale
not taking that which we were given
and pushing it toward hell

success and failure always leaves
some trail that we have gone
beyond the biological
to a new great world beyond