Monday, January 15, 2018

Superior to a Book? "the e-look" - by - Bob Atkinson

Superior to a Book?
"the e-look"
©2018 Bob Atkinson
evolution of the learned phase
prompts this question of
how to catalog information
in an era of reduced love

those who seek great knowledge
find something to aid their quest
a machine to reference further reading
without lifting seat above its rest

above a grounded chair
or while standing on a ladder
sorting through titles
pages separated by chapters

quite an improvement mechanical
in an old and loving method
leaving to us in our time
change hopefully for the better

how this absolute shakes out
I've not got a clue
but keep your eyes on this theme
of how to educate you

Sunday, January 14, 2018

Each Laughs at Each - by - Bob Atkinson

Each Laughs at Each
©2018 Bob Atkinson

to say someone is "racist"
because of something said
takes our brains down to dust
removes thoughts from our heads

for as long as people have been here
they've joked about each other
a two way street to explore absurds
making strangers into brothers

when stopped from this process
no brotherhood comes to fore
for nothing ventured, nothing gained
in peace or blatant war

so keep your thoughts of ill intent
in your tiny little brain
for I expect a joke about me
in exchange for one I've made

Sunday, January 7, 2018

Liberty - by - Bob Atkinson

©2018 Bob Atkinson

".... no man is so fond of liberty himself, as not to be desirous
of subjecting the will of some individuals in society to his own ...."
Oliver Goldsmith

this, my friend, says more
than most say in a lifetime
that observation appropriate
which fills volumes in a mind

how many dissertations
do we hear from our friends
how they love their liberty
then spout off their amends

amends to our way of life
amends to our path
true social organization
which sometimes makes us laugh

I heard a lady in the hall
tell her friends "real truth"
regurgitating gospel
of politicals uncouth

not one fact did she present
or deep down example
she only forced her thoughts
down throats of local rivals

we see this also on the sabbath
we're told there how to think
liberty removed from us
and poured right down the sink

sometimes this frees our minds
sometimes is our jacket straight
those who would free us
pin our liberty to imagined gates

gates of unidirection
that open ended push
beyond there lies an immorality
never written in a book

they lay right down in front of us
those words of gospel great
telling us what and how to think
pushing liberty out that one way gate

Saturday, December 16, 2017

Dissimulation - by - Bob Atkinson

©2017 Bob Atkinson
rarely does a word have meaning
so deeply drawn down upon our souls
how could someone find within them
adoption of these goals

seldom, thank goodness, do we become
so devious in approach
yet some believe this opportunity
gives advantage to their boat

seems to me desire for dominance
comes from life's good form
where survival gives one leverage
when stepping on a stone

a stone of independence
where control becomes a tool
and simple honesty begets
merely simple fools

well, that's something to ponder
and think about with brain
a mental process analyzed
by those with diplomas framed

my take on this subject
my ideas gotten by thought
carry a simple lesson
of what here gets bought

careful consideration
with analytical tool of brain
says this notion's not so simple
one must here refrain

refrain from giving away so fast
what one has so little of
respect, honor and admiration
of honesty which we love

Tuesday, December 12, 2017

End of Existence - by - Bob Atkinson

End of Existence
©2017 Bob Atkinson

we fly when young of age
no telling where we’ll go
no firmness in our plan of life
in a future we don’t know

some of us leave too soon
some leave later on
when confronted with mortality
we ponder life’s beyond

can life be a video
which ends when closing eyes
a fertile field of vision
kept open by our lives

does immortality begin
with our end of days
when all our thoughts become
a basis for worlds far away

where machines rule destiny
but need an emotional eye
else they’ll think only rational thoughts
no human touch derived

kindness, that sly notion
which tempers meaner souls
we find only in our emotions
when thoughts grow soft, yet bold

Thursday, December 7, 2017

Pretense People - by - Bob Atkinson

Pretense People
©2017 Bob Atkinson

how we love those pretense people
who shove their sophistication down our throats
with everlasting verbiation
and adjectives meant to gloat

how we love their love of self
now who else would do that?
while carrying words of evolution
beneath their large brimmed hats

how we feel not complex ourselves
when complex finds a way
to flow into life obliquely
like a scurrying little rat parade

how they seem so sensitive
to whims of fashion's task
which makes one feel up to date
chic clothes upon our backs

how they reach for more when more
finds nothing much to smirk
at artistic imitations laughed at
by those who could be jerks

how my sense of order
flips when seen as old and stale
while some who foster pretense
seem not thin and pale

how can I settle for my style
when style I have little of
oh well, doesn't matter much
my pretense lost its love

Thursday, November 23, 2017

American Foreign Legion - by - Bob Atkinson

©2017 Bob Atkinson

they felt their lives worthless
those who went astray
drugs, gangs, and institutions
on innocents had all preyed

senseless in outlook
not without guilt did they see
an invitation for something
where they could be free

recruiter said would be hard
this trip to the other side
perhaps they'd die a cruel death
while taking it all in stride

never ever had they worked so hard
as they would if they joined
this military force of those
whose lives had gone all wrong

training becoming routine
sharp uniforms like gentlemen
steps aligned precisely timed
formations of soldiers under arms

proud officers guiding
those willing men of hate
who found themselves tightly bound
to hell's fiery gates

dressed in red, white and blue
so enemy could see their fate
for always in a battle would
this unit obliterate

obliterate opposition
whether good, bad, or in between
for our world wields a stick
which never has been seen

seen fight with such fury
for eyes of pacifists to behold
a world bent on opposition
which nature had unfolded

fight they would for country
fight they would for world
fight like banshee herds
no quarter given fools

fools who would believe
they'd live opposing these
men of iron formed to live
and die a fighter's creed

no, didn't start out
as our best example soldiers
but since their souls weren't alive
their lives then didn't matter

knew when joined would die
in service to their land
for this foreign legion's soldiers
emptied prisons throughout our land

and rather than a square cell
locked up for their lives all tight
this prison population
trained well for any fight

for gods and country everywhere
where truth need be said
an institution formed of those
whose souls had been shed

Monday, November 20, 2017

Linear Perspective - by - Bob Atkinson

Linear Perspective
©2017 Bob Atkinson

we see ourselves in a line
progress from here to there
yet if we doubt this reasoning
we’re sure to find good care

for all our world progresses not
in form or settled fare
our likeness gets overcome
by weakness in our airs

my heart thumps ever gladly
when kindness comes to front
and sadness overcomes my soul
when hurt becomes well done

keeps me ever in frustration
as all isn’t what could be
leaving consternation when
ideals aren’t freed

progress seems not a straight line
a wave or jiggled graph
which forever doesn’t show our strengths
only our good or wicked paths

paths which lead to who knows what
end of a road unclear
leaves us to search for meaning
which may or may not be dear

Thursday, November 16, 2017

Unpliability to Novel Circumstances - by - Bob Atkinson

©2017 Bob Atkinson

here we go with question marks
can we mold ourselves to new
or do we garner enthusiasm
only when tried and true

do we find good order
in what we’ve seen before
playing out our future
with skills honed prior for

for that situation
we found ourselves within
fearing fully those unknowns
or mysteries of sin

can this be a sign of age
when new becomes so feared
no longer in our element
just standing here with beard

beard of age resplendent
do we have to ply our way
only with older skills
learned back in our early days

ponder this good fellow
let my message sink in deep
unknown’s not disaster
if you your wits do keep

calm in face of danger
skilled in face of rage
when an open invitation toward
security you do crave

for never in a billion years
do animals project
secondary knowledge of
what a future projects

and thus you’re not alone
in fear of things obscure
let this fear subside
you’ll be much more secure

Monday, October 9, 2017

Utopian Dreams

©2017 Bob Atkinson
frame of reference rules a statement
made with broadly structured purpose
not without lagging meaning
or simple will of usage

poetry’s not without
form or function’s gait
something we all need
in order to relate

relate emotional aspects
of some real or imagined event
a laugh, a cry or even smirk
our reaction to predicament

here’s some useful aspect
for a genre’ allowed to decay
with Poe and Ginsberg leading us
from utility away

when 18 Souls cannot find
they relate to Poets Past
we need to alter course
away from stinkiness at last
toward a new dimension
built upon that foundation’s platform
some way to differentiate our lives
from strange to an honest norm

a norm for to guide us
on a path toward gentleness
away from wicked violence
toward Utopian dreams at last

Sunday, October 8, 2017

Lucy - by - Bob Atkinson


©2017 Bob Atkinson

Wordsworth had his Lucy
and so did Bob to follow
down a path so open
as ideas he had to swallow

someone who would listen
when he read those words of late
fleeing institutions which
left poetry at the gate

and further inflamed, an orator
who yelled at things not correct
wandering through this meaning
at first more vague than set

then when this simple mind
found complexity in his times
realized to say an absolute
did his people wrong, so blind

for one person only feels pain
takes two to analyze this
and three with concurrence
gives an answer best

so he sat and wrote these refrains
to tell his people true
one can only tell how one feels
not statements make of truth